About MAST

MAST is a privately-held UK-based company whose owner (Warren Edge) has over twenty years’ experience in launching and running events in numerous sectors, not least defence, delivering highly personalised international trade-shows, conferences and seminars for senior-level defence and security operators and technologists.

Particularly focused on Undersea, Surface, Air, Space, and Cyber Platforms, Systems, and Technologies, MAST provides unmatched information, debates and networking opportunities, trusted and acted upon by Services, Government, Research & Technology, and Defence Industry worldwide leaders.

Guided by an Executive Advisers Board, MAST Conference Committee and Exhibition Steering Group, MAST’s events serve the diverse and evolving needs of their participant visitors, exhibitors, sponsors, delegates, authors and VIPs.

Additionally, for its Japanese events, MAST’s subsidiary Japan Defence KK supports a Tokyo-based team including MAST Asia Chairman, former Defence Minister, and current Policy advisor to the Japanese Defence Minister, Professor Satoshi Morimoto.

Focused primarily on Naval (Undersea, Surface, Air, and Cyber) Platforms, Systems, and Technologies, MAST facilitates unique information exchange at a senior level amongst operators, technologists and political influencers alike.

MAST’s long-standing global community reaches some 21,000 members.

The Conference

Long established as the only international conference and trade-show dedicated to senior-level technologists in maritime defence and security, MAST promotes debate amongst experts from surface, undersea, and air & space domains, giving new perspectives on developments to meet future capabilities.

MAST boasts an unmatched, diverse global profile of participants, and – over three days of discussion, discovery and debate – delivers “real solutions to real-world problems” (Richard Scott, Jane’s Naval Consultant)

Impressive line-ups of keynote speakers deliver ‘views from the top’, setting the themes for “MAST week”. Plenary speakers offer debate on another key topical/regional issues. Within the framework this creates, parallel technical sessions are populated with speakers with world-leading credentials in their specialist fields (many appear at other conferences as their keynote speakers!).

ALL papers to given at MAST are guaranteed 100% exclusive by their authors – if you don’t hear it at MAST… you won’t hear it at all!

MAST Conference Committee

The Trade-Show

Discover solutions from the most innovative and world-leading maritime defence and security manufacturers and suppliers, agencies, research and technology labs, and academia.

All planning of MAST trade-shows is guided by an independent Exhibition Steering Group (ESG) to complement discussion on future technologies in MAST conferences, but to appeal to visitors as a stand-alone event.

As a result of the ESG activities, features in the trade-show include Product briefings, iPad3 draws, Happy Hours and other hospitality, and much more besides.

Exhibitor & Sponsor Opportunities

VIP/Hosted Buyers Programme

MAST’s unique bespoke service to its VIPs/Exhibitors leverages the influence of its Executive Advisers Board and Conference Committee to arrange one-to-one meetings and delegation visits during the trade-show open hours.

Exhibitors meet chiefs of navy, programme/procurement directors, government ministers and other influential VIPs and discuss their offerings, and VIPs can discover state-of-the-art platforms and systems to meet their future operational requirements.

MAST’s bespoke VIPs/Hosted buyers programme – with full support of Lieutenant General RNLMC Rob Verkerk, Commander of Royal Netherlands Navy – will invite guests from:

  • NATO/Europe – Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA
  • Other Europe – Sweden
  • Asia/Pacific – Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
  • and Gulf States – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Ship Visits

Wherever possible, MAST visitors can take part in guided tours of visiting units, and see live demonstrations of exhibitors’ platforms, systems and technologies: Visit MAST and you will see technologies in their rightful environments: platforms and installations that help deliver security throughout the world’s seas and harbours.

Social Functions

MAST is renowned to be a highly social event (hosting several FREE-OF-CHARGE functions). MAST aims to set the very highest standards as a bench mark for all future events!

Expect great food and drinks, entertainment, and of course unparalleled networking with your global colleagues, counterparts, and VIPs from more than 40 countries.