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MAST Northern Coasts 2019 Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wed 4 Sep 2019

15:30 Wed 4 Sep 2019


2B: Surface


CHAIR: Commodore (ret) Patrick J Tyrrell

Capability Driven Development of Naval Platforms Using Architectures

  • Dr. Benjamin Gaczkowski
    Projectmanager Maritime
    IABG mbH

The development of a new naval platform is frequently forced by the platform design itself, as opposed to driven by the desired tactical needs and capabilities. However, consistent use of operational, system and technical architectures can turn this process around and drive platform development by its tactical capabilities. Strict use of architectures helps capability driven development along the entire development process, from identifying the level of ambition (LoA), through the definition of necessary capabilities compliant to the LoA, and ending with the engineering of requirements. Such a capability driven approach based on architectures enables a systematic analysis of the whole platform and yields a consistent, accountable, and traceable set of requirements. Furthermore, the development process stays independent of specific technologies and manufacturers and greatly facilitates the interchangeability of different solutions. At every stage of the development, a proof of concept can be established by either technical or process simulations. This helps to identify gaps between the defined requirements and state-of-the-art technologies as well as further refine those requirements. Finally, a commonly developed architecture promotes international cooperation and interoperability, because it allows realizing the same set of capabilities in different (possibly national) ways. Examples of benefits generated by this approach will be given in the presentation.

OCEAN2020 - Enhanced Situational Awareness in a Naval Environment

  • Mr. Claus German Christensen
    Vice President
    Terma A/S

OCEAN2020 (Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess) is a research project funded by the European Union and implemented by the European Defence Agency. In the OCEAN2020 project, Terma contributes with operational requirements analysis, system design, decision support and operator task analysis. The project’s objective is to demonstrate enhanced situational awareness in a maritime environment through integration of legacy and new technologies for unmanned systems, ISTAR payloads and effectors. In particular, OCEAN2020 will address the problems of integrating EU systems and individual organisations into a coherent framework, as 42 entities from 15 European countries participate. The activities will culminate in demonstrations in the Mediterranean sea (2019) and in the Baltic sea (2020) contributing to the EU’s ability to lead innovation in support of Europe’s strategic autonomy in the maritime domain.

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