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MAST Northern Coasts 2019 Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thu 5 Sep 2019

11:00 Thu 5 Sep 2019


3A: Undersea

Mine Warfare

CHAIR: Mr Bernard Myers

What Will the Future MCM Vessel Look Like?

  • Mr Thomas Hill
    Senior Naval Architect
    United Kingdom

Mine warfare is being heavily influenced by the rapid development of autonomous systems that are likely to replace the traditional methods of mine hunting and warfare. This paper explores what the new generation of MCM vessels might look like, recognising that the minefield will be different in different theatres across the world.

The concepts of mine warfare will be discussed and recent research results presented: a study into the signature performance required by the MCM vessel across the range of mine warfare concepts.

The paper will evaluate the key global areas where mine warfare is carried out and what characteristics may be required of a vessel to operate effectively in that environment.

The flexibility of a mine warfare vessel to carry out ASW and OPV missions will also be addressed. With features such as low magnetic signature and large mission bays, there are capabilities where adaptable mine warfare vessels could be an attractive alternative to single role ships.

System Maturity of Future Autonomous Mine Warfare

  • Mme Sandrine Heinis
    Trusted Speaker
    Thales DMS

In the world of Mine Counter-Measures (MCM), the main challenge for navies in the coming years will be to manage the transition between conventional mine hunters and unmanned solutions.

Maturity and readiness of the system layer is key, as all navies decided to switch towards unmanned, MCM will have to answer to following questions, whatever the architecture deployed:

  • What are the architectures and systems we can deploy depending on the various use cases?
  • How do we make sure that unmanned solutions will be as efficient and reliable as legacy solutions?
  • How do we realize the appropriation of such solutions?
  • In a nutshell, how do we get the expected level of confidence?

Mastering the drones is not enough and adopting a bottom-up approach is just too risky. As a matter of fact, mastering an unmanned MCM solution requires to have a real top-down system approach and address all intangible aspects, that proved to be paramount. Based on its experience of delivering the very 1st unmanned MCM system, Thales proposes a confident answer to the above questions, securing the decision to go for efficient and reliable unmanned MCM systems.

Danish MCM – a Modular Approach to Naval Mine Counter Measures

  • Mr Jan Rasmussen
    Sales Director
    Saab Danmark A/S
  • Mr Michael Fabricius (co-author)
    Project manager
    Saab Danmark A/S

For the last 25 years, the Danish mine countermeasures concept (MCM) has been based on dedicated MCM ships operating unmanned drones. The concept has been transiting into a modular, scalable and flexible concept without the requirement of dedicated MCM ships. Based on a brief history and development of the above, the elements and technical solutions are presented along with the concept of using vessels of opportunity.

Experiences and lessons learned during the transition as well as current shortfalls are discussed along with a presentation of select conceptual solutions, currently being developed or intended to include in the future Danish MCM system in order to cover performance gaps and expand capabilities.

In support of the presentation, the current Danish MCM system is shown in operation from the Danish MCM ships in the harbour. Further, the company Saab, at the Danish stand in Bella Center, presents a showcase on the new MCM C2 system, which is under development at Saab Denmark. Saab also presents examples of its future MCM solutions at the booth.


Royal Danish Navy - MCM Denmark:

Technical solutions used in the current Danish MCM system

Experience and lessons learned with the Danish MCM System

Technical solutions under development between Saab and the Royal Danish Navy (new modular MCM C2 system)

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