Conference Agenda

MAST Northern Coasts 2019 Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

Fri 6 Sep 2019

11:30 Fri 6 Sep 2019


6A: Surface

Geopolitics II

CHAIR: Commander (ret) Benjamin F Strickland II

The Promises and Perils of Maritime Domain Awareness

  • Prof Christian Bueger
    Professor of International Relations
    University of Copenhagen

In 2009 the Stoltenberg Report on Nordic cooperation suggested that the region could benefit substantially by developing a joint maritime domain awareness architecture. Ten years later not much progress has been made. This presentation reflects on the experience in constructing regional maritime domain awareness architectures from different regions in the world, to identify the promises of regional architectures as well why it is more difficult to design and implement them.

The Baltic Security Scenario – Prospects and Challenges for Industry

  • Mr. Kristoffer Groth Jakobsen
    Managing Partner
    Navigate Public Affairs

Track 1: Security Policy & Strategy

Theme 1: Baltic Sea

Key question: How can industry address the changed security environment in the Baltic region by making use of new and old cooperation mechanisms like NORDEFCO and the European Defence Fund?

Abstract: Based on perceptions of increased threats in the Baltic Sea region, not least in the sea and air domains, national governments are adjusting their defence and security posture to the potential ‘what ifs’ of the future. Defence spending is increasing, old capabilities are being reacquired, new capabilities are being developed, and potentially in entirely new ways.

Industry in NATO and EU countries bordering the Baltic Sea is heterogeneous, but is driven by tradition and necessity to be aligned with the nation states in which they reside. However, none of the NATO/EU Baltic states can indigenously develop and maintain complete national technological and industrial portfolios to cater to their every defence needs thus lending a market for the global Top 10 European and American systems integrators. On top of this, old and new cooperation mechanisms like NORDEFCO and EDF are being pitched by political actors to foster more Nordic or European cooperation.

Accordingly, the paper explores recent developments and how industry may adjust to perceptions of changing threats, increased defence spending and the interplay between defence companies and politically sanctioned cooperation mechanisms.

The paper sums up these perspectives and aims to provide food-for-thought for both business leaders and government officials.

MDA, SA - Best Practice in the Baltic Approaches.

  • Mr. Per Ring Henriksen
    Naval Staff

The Danish Straits and approaches to and from the Baltic have always been congested and busy waterways – or Sea Lines of Communication (SLOC). The knowledge and awareness of these waters are a fundamental, and core task for The Royal Danish Navy, as well as an important national necessity, in order to protect and preserve the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark.

This brief will provide you with the present view on Situational Awareness, Maritime Domain Awareness, and the insights on how The Royal Danish Navy is trying to cope with the present task, and the challenges that lie ahead.

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