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MAST Med 2022 Grand Hyatt, Central Athens, Greece

Wed 2 Nov 2022

16:30 Wed 2 Nov 2022


2C: Surface

Naval Power Projection Expansion

New Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Based on Projection Mapping Augmented Reality

  • Mr. Daniele Bertin
    Director Innovation

A new solution for the visual landing aid of aircraft on ship has been developed and demonstrated with the support of Italian Navy. The solution consists of a special application of the augmented reality in the ship helideck operational area. The purpose of the system is to increase the safety level of the helicopter landing operations, especially in low illumination conditions, by reducing the pilot workload and increase the situation awareness. The concept is based on the display of the spatial operational representation, and operational data on the hangar face on the helideck border, by means of a large dimension image. The image is realized by a special purpose image projector and the spatial data are achieved by means of precise Lidar-based positioning system. Such positioning system is GPS-Denied and target agnostic, allowing to determine the position of any helicopter in the helideck surrounding. The pilot interface and the system operational aspects have been developed with the support of the Italian Naval Aviation Test & Evaluation Centre (Centro Sperimentale AeromarittimoCSA) of the Italian Navy. In July 2021 the first onboard system demonstration has been performed aboard of the “Luigi Rizzo” FREMM frigate with an EH-101 helicopter equipped with Night Vision Goggles. The trial in harbor and at sea has shown the effectiveness of the concept and some improvements for the final product. This is the first public presentation of this new concept.

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