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MAST Med 2022 Grand Hyatt, Central Athens, Greece

Wed 2 Nov 2022

16:30 Wed 2 Nov 2022


2D: Air & Space

Space-based ISR II

Space ISR

Spaceborne Maritime Radio Frequency Detection, Monitoring & Tracking

  • Mr Olivier MICHEL

UNSEENLABS is a French company whose core business is the development, production and operation of innovative Earth observation instruments, specialized in the detection of electromagnetic emissions (ELINT).

The service proposed by UNSEENLABS is a maritime surveillance service, allowing the location and characterization of ships at sea from space, based on the operation of a constellation of satellites.

UNSEENLABS stands out from the other players in the field of maritime surveillance with an innovative and unique electromagnetic intelligence data service capable of maritime traffic monitoring, even without any cooperative beacon.

Unseenlabs' data are a game changer for Maritime Situational Awareness and key decision makers.

Global Maritime Awareness

  • Prof George Guy Thomas
    Science & Technology Advisor
    Multinational Maritime Security COE
    United States

Global Maritime Awareness


Space-based Maritime Situational Awareness

Crucial Element of Maritime Security & Safety


Environmental and Resource Conservation & Protection

Geo. Guy Thomas, Managing Director, C-SIGMA LLC,

S&T Advisor to the NATO Maritime Security Center of Excellence

2100 Mt Royal Ter., Baltimore, MD 21217-4848, USA

1-410-971-6999, [email protected]

KEYWORDS: remote sensing, maritime situational awareness, maritime environment protection, maritime resource protection, maritime safety, maritime security


Maritime security is essential to the entire world. Maritime situational awareness (MSA) is THE critical core element of Maritime Security. Space systems now permit MSA on a global scale. “Global Maritime Awareness” describes that desired end state. This paper describes how it could be achieved at a reasonable cost.

In the 21st century it is widely recognized that there are four global commons where all nations of the world both meet and interact, thus all nations have a stake in seeing that there is order in them. Those four commons, in chronological order, are: Maritime, Air, Space, and Cyber. The leading-edge technologies of three of those global highways, Maritime, Space and Cyber, are rapidly converging in the creation of a substantially improved Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA). The methodologies used to achieve the required level of MSA involves the substantial interaction in all three of these global commons.

Starting with Satellite AIS, and continuing through synthetic aperture radar satellites, the new RF geolocation satellites, “Night Lights” satellites, and new advancements in the handling and processing of large amounts of data in the cyber world coupled artificial intelligence and aided by machine learning, substantially increased MSA for protection of the maritime environment and its resources, as well as safety and security of any nation that employs it, and indeed, for the entire globe, is now possible.

Space-based MSA will not replace traditional terrestrial means of attaining MSA, but rather will make the traditional terrestrial systems substantially more effective and efficient.

Implement C-SIGMA ...Now!

  • Prof George Guy Thomas
    Science & Technology Advisor
    Multinational Maritime Security COE
    United States

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