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MAST Med 2022 Grand Hyatt, Central Athens, Greece

Thu 3 Nov 2022

14:00 Thu 3 Nov 2022


4A: Surface

Ship Protection

Force Protection, Simulation & Training

Ship Protection: New Technologies

  • Mr Christophe Balducchi
    Naval Advisor

MBDA the European company is a world leader in Missile Systems capable of offering a wide range of solutions to fulfill operational requirements for the maritime domain. The purpose of the paper is to show the integration of innovative technologies to meet the challenge of Force Protection at sea against a wide variety and fast evolving threats. The paper addresses latest development such as seeker and propulsion technologies. It will show how these developments can provide advanced capabilities to meet the operational need. Specific focus on how MBDA approaches DEW technologies as an incremental solution against current and emerging threats. The paper illustrates MBDA comprehensive approach to provide various capabilities in response to the mix of high tech and low-tech threats characterizing the new tactical environment.

Wave Simulation Models: Applications to Naval Operations and Activities

  • Professor George Galanis
    Hellenic Naval Academy


George Tavris1, Konstantinos Mamis1,2, Peter C Chu3 , and

George Galanis1,3

1Mathematical Modeling and Applications Laboratory, Hellenic Naval Academy, Hatzikiriakion, Piraeus, Greece

2 Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University, USA

3 Naval Ocean Analysis and Prediction Laboratory, US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA


The main objective of this paper is to discuss the basic characteristics of today’s sea wave modeling systems and its potential use for naval operations.

In particular, we focus on the wave model WAM, as developed and used in the Hellenic Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School for local and global scales supported by statistical optimization systems for local adaptation of the simulations. More precisely, Kalman filter based statistical models support the numerical schemes for the reduction of systematic errors and the adaptation of local – sub scale processes.

The results presented focuses mainly on the analysis of the sectors of the naval warfare impacted by the sea wave and the wind. Towards this direction a series of test cases are presented for regions of the Northeast Aegean Sea during which the probability of performing specific navy operations and the weather windows that favor them or not are analyzed based on the wave model’s simulations.

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