MAST Australia 2024


Australia 19–21 November 2024

Business Events Adelaide; South Australia; Government of South Australia Department of the Premier and Cabinet; Adelaide Convention Centre
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Welcoming you to Australia’s defence capital

MAST is excited to join a new “all service” defence event initiative, supported by the Government of South Australia: to unite domain-distinct but objective-common component event, under one roof.

MAST, covering Surface, Undersea, Air, Space, Cyber

“Australia’s Defence State”, South Australia boasts a uniquely diverse, yet intimate defence ecosystem. Its capital is dubbed “the 20-minute city” for good reason: from any point in Adelaide, you are only minutes aways from (and accessible to) government, military (land, sea, air, space, and cyber), industry (primes, OEMs, MSMEs), and innovation hubs.

"With around 25 percent of Australia’s defence industry capability, South Australia is, for good reason, dubbed the Defence State of Australia.”

Warren EdgeDirector, MAST

Long-invested in defence and space sector growth, state and federal funding will also support the success of this first-in-class event, and – with Adelaide’s multitude of next generation defence/security programmes, enthusiasm for partnerships, and active recruitment drives – will showcase the city’s/state’s/country’s excellence in cooperation: technologies, policies and operations in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

For this reason the event is subtitled “Talent, Technology, Transfer”.

Event highlights will include:

  1. STEAM programme update (presentations from undergraduates e.g. from Adelaide University, Flinders University, and University of South Australia) competing in a Department of Defence (DST) and Defence Innovation Partnership, programme.
  2. “Talent Scout” skills-matching meetings between prospects and industry/military employees.
  3. B2B Speed-dating meetings organised by Defence Teaming Centre.
  4. Conference plenary and technical sessions supported by:
    • MAST (Maritime/Air/Space Technologies) conference working with South Australian Space Industry Centre and Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre
    • Defence SA’s established “Aerospace and Information Warfare Forum” will run concurrently
    • All sessions will be organised in close coordination and collaboration with various government, military, and industry supporters.
  1. The adjacent international trade-show will elaborate on conference discussions with exhibits of future sea, air, space, and cyber technologies by prime contractors, OEM’s, and MSME’s fully supported by Government of South Australia, Defence SA, Defence Teaming Centre, Royal Australian Navy, Ministry of Defence, and others.
  2. An Innovation hub will host displays (and briefings) supported by individuals/organisations at Lot Fourteen and Tonsley Innovation District.
  3. A Cyber Hackathon is planned to be streamed live from the Cyber range at Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre pitting the wits of experts taking part, towards a climax event at the Adelaide Conference Centre.
  4. Royal Australian Navy and Osborne Naval Shipyard – where the new Hunter Class Frigates and Nuclear Submarines and Collins-class submarines upgrades are being built – will offer VIP’s and delegates opportunities to see current and future builds and capabilities.

Maritime, Air, and Space Technologies Australia: “Talent, Technologies, Transfer” will take place at the stunning water-front Adelaide Convention Centre, 19th–21st November 2024.

Adelaide Convention Centre