Big Data brings Data Giants to table

Mon 29 Jan 2018 @ 10:23

MAST Advanced Workshop – Disruptive Technologies – Portsmouth, UK, 22–23 May 2018

With “Big Data” as a key topic for the upcoming first annual MAST Advanced Workshop on Disruptive Technologies (Portsmouth, UK, 22–23 May 2018), it’s little surprise that the world’s leading authorities in the field are signing up to take part (including those from Australia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Netherlands, Japan, and UK).

The contextual significance of big data (and the consequential ability to manage a number of emerging and potentially, disruptive technologies) to maritime warfare will be discussed and analysed in fine detail by three non-biased syndicates (Academia, Military, and Industry) and independently documented/summarised by a world-leading data organisation.

The end result of two days of intensive workshops will be a unique white paper, ratified by the Chairman and Syndicate leaders, intended for use by participating navies in understanding, predicting, and deploying disruptive technologies in the next 10 and 30 years.

This exclusive (copyrighted) document will be provided to all syndicate members and observers free-of-charge the week following the event, and otherwise made available for purchase online later in the year.

With extremely limited places available as either syndicate members or observers, participants can expect a highly focused and bespoke experience at the event, and are advised to book before the “Syndicate Member” registration deadline of Friday 16th March to get the most from the event interactions.

A maximum of 15 sponsorship places are available to companies wanting exclusive exposure to this top level, niche group. Details upon request.