Disruptive Technologies Advanced Workshop, to help confront bad actors in the Devil’s Triangle

Mon 29 Jul 2019 @ 10:19

The Devil’s Triangle

The inaugural MAST Advanced Workshop white paper – created and ratified by top level experts in the field – is now shared by allied military leaders.

The follow up event is expected to generate as much actionable material, and to be engaging and through provoking.

“Following Disruptive Technologies – Northern Coasts: Three Points on the Devil’s Triangle: The Arctic, Baltic and Nordic Littorals” will be a two day intensive workshop (hosted by and at the Danish Parliament), organised into three syndicates which will analyse how disruptive technology in this broad region’s maritime domain will affect national offensive and defensive capabilities in the Baltic and Arctic Seas.

This will lead to better political and policy decision making in what is now a far more complex and nuanced strategic environment where numbers count less than the ability to swiftly deploy military, private contractor and paramilitary units for effect. Where sometimes it is not a ship or an aircraft that will determine the outcome of a confrontation at sea, but who will be first to use unorthodox methods to blind sensors, launch malware attacks and spread disinformation.