Disruptive Technologies Workshop – registration closing this Friday

Mon 12 Mar 2018 @ 10:16

MAST Advanced Workshop – Disruptive Technologies, Portsmouth UK, 22–23 May 2018

If you plan to join one of the syndicates this May in Portsmouth, you need to register this week.

MAST has gathered the leading experts from Academia, Navy, and Industry to facilitate these top-level workgroups.

Don’t miss your opportunity to meet the minds shaping the future of naval operations/procurement.

Who should register as a Syndicate “member”?

Navies should register to find out what academia/research believe is possible in the 10- and 30-year time frames, and what industry feels is possible to deliver now, in 10 years, and in 30 years’ time.

Industry should register to find out what technologies academic/research studies believe are possible, and where future global navies will invest their procurement/upgrade budgets.

Academia/research should register to reality check when Industry feel programmes will come online, and find out from where government/industry-based funding will come from.

Anyone else wanting to hear which disruptive technologies will most likely impact future navies, should also register (as a syndicate “observer”).