Disruptive Technologies Workshop - Just two weeks to register!

Wed 2 May 2018 @ 9:43

MAST Advanced Workshop – Disruptive Technologies – Portsmouth, UK, 22–23 May 2018, Sponsored by Naval Group

Syndicate members/observers have just two weeks to sign up for the first ever MAST workshop on Disruptive Technologies.

Sign up now to discover:

  • Which disruptive technologies will be needed to keep navies capable in the 10-year (and beyond) timeframe
  • Which technologies are likely to be the most disruptive, and where should defence contractors focus their product developments
  • How current procurement processes can be adapted to ensure the invested technologies are still relevant and capable when delivered

Take part in this highly interactive event and you will join one team headed by either:

  • Colonel Dan Cheesman Royal Marines – Chief Technology Officer, UK Royal Navy, UK (Military syndicate leader)
  • Professor Andrew Lambert – Laughton Professor of Naval History, Department of War Studies, King’s College London, UK (Academia syndicate leader)
  • John Best – CTO, Thales Group (Industry syndicate leader)

Sign up now to stay ahead on Disruptive Technologies.