Unique Japanese Government Briefing to be held in Yokohama

Sat 7 Mar 2015 @ 11:00

Japanese Navy

An exclusive plenary session to MAST Asia (alone worth making the trip to Yokohama for) will give international organisations looking for information on R&D or trade opportunities with Japan the inside track on what Japan’s latest policies mean for their future opportunities in the region.

Presentations will be given by the very highest level representatives from the three most relevant government bodies.

Delegates, Exhibitors and VIPs to MAST Asia will then have the chance to put their questions to speakers including:

  • Mr Toru Hotchi, Head of Equipment Policy Division, Bureau of Finance and Equipment, Ministry of Defence;
  • Mr Jun Kazeki, Director Security Export Control Policy Division, Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry;
  • Mr Katsuro Kitagawa, Director National Security Policy, Minsitry of Foreign Affairs.

If your organisation is looking to do defence business or R&D with Japan, DO NOT MISS THIS SESSION (…your competitors won’t!)