MAST gives Amsterdam the green light

Sun 7 Jun 2015 @ 11:00

Dutch flag

As the MAST website will reveal, Amsterdam has been selected as the host city for MAST’s first venture into The Netherlands.

And what more colourful, vibrant and cosmopolitan venue to receive the first MAST Europe in three years!

Whilst focusing heavily on attracting new Asian-based VIP contacts made in Japan during MAST Asia, MAST Europe 2016 will unite its typically eclectic mix of senior-level governmental, services, research and technology, and industry representatives for three days of international information exchange and networking.

MAST Europe 2016 has again offered to host the NATO Naval Armaments Group’s annual meeting.

With the final decision to be made on venue, dates are confirmed as Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th May 2016.

More to follow soon…