NATO makes welcome return to MAST in 2016

Fri 12 Jun 2015 @ 11:00


Delegates to next year’s MAST Europe in Amsterdam will be delighted to learn that the NATO Naval Armaments Group annual meeting will again be hosted alongside MAST.

Bringing many senior-level NATO officials to the MAST event adds a dynamism to both conference and exhibition profile, appreciated by all.

Chaired by Rear Admiral Belo Garcia, Director of Requirements, Portuguese Navy, the NATO Armaments Group framework comprises several focused groups (mirrored by MAST’s topic/technology areas) including:

  • MCG/1 on Above Water Engagement;
  • MCG/2 on Under Sea Engagement;
  • Harbour Protection;
  • MCG/4 on Maritime Air Delivered Superiority;
  • MCG/5 on Effective C2;
  • MCG/6 on Ship Design and Maritime Mobility;
  • MCG/7 on Maritime Environmental Protection;
  • MCG/8 on Maritime Electronic Warfare;
  • JCGUAV on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

NB: Prospective authors to the MAST 2016 Call for Papers are encouraged to submit abstracts within these topic areas (as well as MAST’s traditional ones).