Undersea defence technology opportunities at MAST Europe 2013

Thu 21 Mar 2013 @ 11:00

The tenth MAST Europe event (conference, exhibition, product briefings, ship visits, demos, social functions, etc.) will again give you the complete perspective of future security/defence capabilities from Undersea, Surface, and Air & Space domains.

In addition, the perfect timing of Poland to host MAST (and its first fully international maritime security/defence event) will enable those of you from manufacturers/suppliers of/to Submarines, Minehunters, and Patrol vessels (with MCM modules) to present solutions to the Polish Navy (and relevant procurement authorities).

Updates posted on the MAST website complement the previously announced major new helicopters programmes and frigate overhauls, and of course, those represented by MAST’s participants from over forty other countries.

With senior-level technologists, operators and procurement executives all due to attend MAST in Gdansk, there is no better event this year, to unite commercial organisations with navy and coast-guard decision makers, discuss capabilities requirements, and propose technology solutions.