NATO Armaments Group to co-locate meeting with MAST in Istanbul

Wed 12 Feb 2014 @ 11:00


Following the successful integration of NATO Armaments Group (NNAG)’s annual meeting with MAST last year, MAST EurAsia exhibitors/authors, VIPs/visitors, and delegates will be delighted by news to the repeat experience in Istanbul.

As with last year, some fifty top-level representatives (from national and international military staff in the NNAG representative groups and NATO agencies) are expected, accompanied by their senior-level support staff.

Their participation adds an exciting dynamic to the event’s conference and exhibition profile, broadening information exchange and networking for the event.

NATO Armaments Group (Current Chair: Rear Admiral Belo Garcia, Director of the Requirements, Portuguese Navy) comprises several focused groups (mirrored by MAST’s topic/technology areas) including:

  • MCG/1 on Above Water Engagement;
  • MCG/2 on Under Sea Engagement;
  • MCG/3 on Mines, Mine Countermeasures and Harbour Protection;
  • MCG/4 on Maritime Air Delivered Superiority;
  • MCG/5 on Effective C2;
  • MCG/6 on Ship Design and Maritime Mobility;
  • MCG/7 on Maritime Environmental Protection;
  • MCG/8 on Maritime Electronic Warfare;
  • JCGUAV on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

More details will follow in future eNews.