Saudi Arabia port security experts from Regional Maritime Security Institute (RMSI) confirmed to attend MAST EurAsia

Wed 12 Feb 2014 @ 11:00

MAST EurAsia exhibitors seeking face-to-face opportunities with key decision makers in MENA countries will meet their objectives at MAST.

MAST’s organisers are working closely with Turkey’s Undersecretariat of Defense (and Chair organization STM) to guarantee the most important naval operators and technologists from MENA and Asia support and are available for meetings.

Alongside VIPs from other MENA countries, those invited from Saudi Arabia include the Military Adviser to Defence Minister/Prime Minister and VADM. Dakheel-Allah Bin Ahmad Al-Wakadani, (Chief of Naval Staff).

The confirmed participants from RMSI will recently have completed security assessments and plans for no less than 45 Saudi port facilities.