Future operations – A truly global, top level Research & Technology perspective

Fri 21 Mar 2014 @ 11:00

With so many presentations from government agencies, navies and R&T labs presenting at this year’s MAST conference, take part in MAST EurAsia and you are guaranteed exclusive, heads-up on future (and state-of-the-art) capabilities, concepts and programmes.

Meet and discuss developments directly relevant to the senior-level authorities, including:

  • Australia – Defence Science and Technology Organisation
  • France – Ministry of Defence (DGA)
  • India – Indian Maritime Foundation
  • Italy – European Commission – Joint Research Centre/Maritime Defence Science & Technology/National Research Council (CNR) – INSEAN/NATO – Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation
  • Japan – Ministry of Defense, Technical Research and Development Institute
  • Netherlands – TNO Defence, Security & Safety
  • Poland – CTM (R&D Marine Technology Centre)
  • Portugal – Portuguese Navy
  • Sweden – Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
  • Turkey – Turkish Navy, Undersecretariat of Defence (SSM), Erciyes University
  • Ukraine – Institute of Hydromechanics, National Academy of Sciences
  • United Kingdom – University of Greenwich
  • United States – Naval International Programes Office/Naval Surface Warfare Center/Naval Undersea Warfare Center

…not to mention other non-presenters with booths in the exhibition hall.

With VIPs and delegates registering from all over the MENA and Asia regions, if there is a naval programme you need information on, you will meet someone at MAST who knows (or someone who knows, someone who knows!).