Procurement programmes add commercial value to MAST Europe 2013 participants

Thu 7 Feb 2013 @ 11:00

Poland’s Ministry of Defence has announced a boost to its already 6% increase in 2013 Navy budget (to zl683m/$221m), by a further annual zl900m/$291.8m to acquire naval weapons and vessels, presenting serious business opportunities for MAST exhibitors and authors (4th–6th June in Gdansk, Poland).

Poland’s maritime security/defence procurement plans up to 2022 include two submarines, two ships (a third vessel by 2026), 70 helicopters (nine for the navy), and weapons such as a second ground-launched anti-ship missile system.

Fully endorsed by the Polish Navy, National Security Bureau, Naval Academy, and Border Guard, MAST’s already lengthy international VIP list will be significantly boosted by invited operators and technologists from Poland’s procurement teams.

Not surprisingly then, the MAST Europe 2013 exhibitor list already features more shipbuilders than usual (including German submarine manufacturer TKMS GmbH), plus those systems and component suppliers, hoping to work with prime contractors.

Most excitingly, adjacent Gdansk harbor is the intended location to host ship tours. With a Russian Coast Guard vessel already confirmed, MAST’s organisers are waiting on confirmation of invitations to the German Navy to bring a submarine (of the type bidding for the submarine programme), Sweden (Visby Corvette), Denmark, Finland, and other NATO navies, such as the US taking part in ‘BALT Ops’ in Poland later in June.

Also next to the exhibition hall, a live demo will be offered to host aircraft of those MAST 2013 exhibitors bidding for Poland’s helicopter programmes.

“Without losing the technical content value, information exchange, and convivial atmosphere for which MAST is renowned,” comments MAST CEO, Warren Edge, “timings of these significant commercial opportunities couldn’t be better for our exhibitors, and will present a huge commercial buzz around this year’s show.”

…more to follow.