MAST Asia 2015 conference theme set

Sat 7 Jun 2014 @ 11:00

P1 Maverick

The overarching theme for next year’s MAST will be “Security at Sea in a Dynamic World”, acknowledging the fact that MAST Asia 2015 will be Japan’s first ever international maritime security conference and exhibition.

The recent removal of its weapons/arms trade restrictions and increasing demand for cooperation between neighbouring nations and the west, already raise expectations for a large number of presentations (to leading security/defence technologists and operators from Asia/ROTW) on highly innovative solutions in both the conference and exhibition.

In order to embrace Japan’s renowned spirit of advancing technologies, the thirteenth edition of MAST will add a fourth domain to its current Undersea, Surface, and Air & Space. It is hoped that the new Cyberspace/Cross-cutting technologies domain will encourage more engineers to join the ranks of MAST presenters, for instance those specialising in: Autonomy; Industrial Internet; Nano Technologies; and Wearable Technologies.

The official Call for Papers will be released next month, but enthusiastic authors can beat the rush, by uploading their abstract(s) direct to the Technical Conference Committee now.