Turkish “free-for all” in Poland

Thu 7 Mar 2013 @ 11:00

In hot anticipation of next year’s first ever MAST EurAsia 2014 conference and exhibition (in an equally hot Turkey, 3–5 June 2014), to foster early interaction and collaborations towards a so far under-represented group in MAST, any member of service, government agency, commercial, and/or academic organisation based in Turkey will be given FREE DELEGATE REGISTRATION at MAST Europe 2013 (4–6 June, Gdansk, Poland).

This unparalleled move by MAST’s organisers is testament to it community-based commitment, and dedication to uniting the world of global maritime security and defence technologists and operators at every MAST.

It is intended to extend the same generous offer, each year to attendees from the incoming host country.

  • To register participation in this programme now, email your Title, Name, Job Title, Department, and Organisation directly to MAST’s CEO, Warren Edge at [email protected].