MAST EurAsia 2014


Turkey 20–22 May 2014

ICEC, Istanbul, Turkey
Tuesday 20 May 2014 to Thursday 22 May 2014

MAST Conference Papers

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A New Manufacturing Process That Utilizes Adhesive To Permanently Attach Fasteners To Structure (10A/10A.2)

Larry Biggin, Snr Applications Engineer, Click Bond, Inc., United States

A performance study of underwater countermeasures (8C/8C.1)

Alex Cederholm, Senior Scientist, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

A Piracy Incident Reporting System For Improved Maritime Security In The Gulf Of Guinea (5A/5A.1)

Klaas Deves, Researcher, European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Italy

A Review Of Probability Of Detection Models For Camouflage Assessment In The Maritime Environment (5B/5B.2)

Leo de Yong, Research Leader, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

A Sonar Performance Metric for Non-Experts and Experts Alike  (5C/5C.1)

Ronald Kessel, Senior Analyst, Maritime Defence Science & Technology, Canada

Advanced Sensors for Autonomous MCM Platforms (4B/4B.2)

James Prater, Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center, United States

Africa Offshore – Maritime Security On Both Sides Of The Continent (5A/5A.2)

Dirk Siebels, PhD Candidate, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Architecture and Application Considerations for Maritime Energy Storage Systems (3D/3D.1)

John Heinzel, Chemical Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, United States

CBRN Detection in the Maritime Theatre (8A/8A.3)

Alexander Mueller, Market Manager, Bruker Detection, Germany

Coastal Situational Awareness (6A/6A.2)

Peter Dugge, WECDIS Design and Management, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Composite technology in naval ships applications (10A/10A.3)

Mans Hakansson, Composite Specialist, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB, Sweden

Coordinated Operation Capability using Scalable C2 (4A/4A.3)

Huseyin Kutluca, Lead Software Engıneer, CMS systems, Milsoft, Turkey

Design Methods For A Modular Medium Class Work ROV (2C/2C.2)

Bertan Tezcan, Deputy General Manager, Gate Elektronik, Turkey

Dual Axis Multi-beam Radars (6C/6C.1)

Annemieke Tonnaer, Product Manager, Thales Netherlands, Netherlands

Dutch National Technology Project Holon (4A/4A.1)

Mr Hilvert Jan Fitski, Programme Manager, TNO, Netherlands

Efficient HF Submarine Antennas (8B/8B.1)

Charles Gyenes, President, Hi-Q-MilitaryAntennas, United States

Evidence Based Target Motion Analysis: A New Paradigm for the Design of Combat Systems (6B/6B.1)

Brian Guimond, Chief Technology Officer, MIKEL, Inc, United States

Evolution Of 76/62 and 40/70 Naval Gun Mountings (7C/7C.1)

Andrea Montobbio, Regional Manager Marketing & Sales, OTO Melara SpA, Italy

Fatigue Study at Sea: Analysis of the Effect of Sleep and Work Hours (10B/10B.3)

Zenka Mathys, Head Naval Platform Survivability, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

Fiber Optic Gyro: Theory & Applications (5C/5C.3)

M. Yves Paturel, Senior Principal Engineer, iXblue, France

Free-Running Self-Propelled Surface Ship Model: Not Only Manoeuvrability (11B/11B.3)

Salvatore Mauro, Scientist researcher, National Research Council (CNR) - INSEAN, Italy

Future Operations Room Concept with Optimised Manning (2A/2A.4)

Wilfried Post, Senior Research Scientist, TNO Defence, Security & Safety, Netherlands

Harbour Protection Exercises Talon 13: Rapid contact designation and warning for expeditionary operations (8A/8A.2)

Manlio Oddone, Scientist, NATO - Centre for Maritime Research and Experiment, Italy

Hydrodynamics Of Supercavitating Vehicles – Research Of Possibilities For Decrease Of Gravity Influence (10B/10B.2)

Dr Vladimir Serebryakov, Senior Scientific Collaborator, Institute of Hydromechanics, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Innovation in Dutch Naval Shipbuilding - A Roadmap Into The Future (4D/4D.1)

Jeroen de Jonge, Business Director - Naval Programs, TNO Defence, Security & Safety, Netherlands

Insight to Turkish Navy Programmes (2A/2A.1)

Mustafa Seker, Department Head, Undersecretariat of Defence (SSM), Turkey

Integrated Topside Solutions for Naval Ships (11A/11A.1)

Dènis Riedijk, Head Advanced Development, Thales Nederland BV, Netherlands

Keeping the submarine competitive- Retrofit concepts for ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems - submarines (7D/7D.1)

Nico Baginski, Conceptual Design Submarines, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH, Germany

Large Calibers Naval Artilleries (7C/7C.2)

Ulderigo Rossi, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, OTO Melara SpA, Italy

Learning Old Lessons - Designing the Next Diesel Submarine (2A/2A.2)

Radamanthys Fountoulakis, Defense Consultant, AMI International, Greece

Legal Considerations for Securing Offshore Installations (6A/6A.1)

Simon Williams, Independent Consultant, Tactique, United States

Life Cycle cost reduction, optimization consideration (8D/8D.3)

Andreas Liersch, Manager Logistics Engineering / ILS, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

LM6000 Mechanical Drive Gas Turbine (11B/11B.1)

Steve Maynard, USN (ret), GE Marine, United States

Localization in Naval Shipbuilding Projects (11A/11A.2)

Mehmet AYSEL, Machinery - Electrical Design Group Leader, STM, Turkey

Long Endurance Marine Unmanned Surface Vehicle (LEMUSV) (3C/3C.1)

Mr Vincent Dobbin, Sales and Marketing Director, ASV Ltd, United Kingdom

Main Characteristics Of The Mirs Electric And Magnetic Underwater Radiations Emitted By Cruise Ships In The Mediterranean Sea (5C/1)

Mr Antonio Sanchez Garcia, R&D&i Manager, SAES (Sociedad Anonima de Electronica Submarina), Spain

Main Propulsion System Integration (11B/11B.2)

Onur Ates, Business Development Manager, STM, Turkey

Maintaining Economic Growth: The Importance of Coastal Protection (7A/7A.3)

Patrick Tyrrell, Director, Vale Atlantic Ltd., United Kingdom

MARSEC COE Maritime Security Perspective And Activities (5A/5A.4)

Mahmut KARAGOZ, Transformation Department Head, Turkish Navy, Turkey

Mission Modularity on Future Naval Platforms as seen by a CS-Integrator (4D/4D.2)

Dr Hans-Dieter Ehrenberg, VP Sales, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Germany

MK 48 Mod 6AT, Design Considerations for Swim Out Launch of a Thermal Torpedo (6B/6B.2)

Alan Tyler, Technical Project Manager, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Modular Lightweight Acostic-Electormagnetic Minesweep towed by ASV (4B/4B.1)

Pawel Polanski, Specialist, CTM (R&D Marine Technology Centre), Poland

MQ-4C Triton Maritime Security (4C/4C.2)

gregory miller, business development, Northrop Grumman, United States

Multiband Antenna Systems (6C/6C.2)

Marcus Spielmann, Managing Director, FS Antennentechnik GmbH, Germany

Multilink Processors (Link 11/16/22) and Integration Architectures (3A/3A.1)

Serdar Öztürk, Product Manager, Milsoft, Turkey

Multisensor Situation Awareness Adapted To Small Targets Greatly Maneuvering (7A/7A.2)

Mrs Aline Campillo, Expert Tenue de Situation, Ministry of Defence (DGA), France

NCO / NCW, Network Enabled Capability for Non NATO Nations – ADLiS Link A (3A/3A.2)

Heinz Marsau-Rierl, Senior Sales Manager TDL, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany


John Bakas, Mechanical Engineer MBA, ELMON LTD, Greece

Network Centric Imagery Intelligence Solution (4A/4A.2)

Ali Gökalp Peker, Milsoft, Turkey

New Radar for future naval requirements (5B/5B.3)

Captain (ret'd) Bo Wallander, Senior Director, SAAB, Sweden

New Turkish Submarine Project Joint CMS Development (6B/6B.3)

Hamdi Oeruen, Project Manager, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Next Generation‘s Sensor-to-Shooter Solution against the Naval Mine Threat (10C/10C.4)

Bernd Willke, Mgr Business Development, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Not Your Father's AEGIS (5B/5B.1)

Doug Wilhelm, Director of International Programs, Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Training

Novel Bio-Inspired Underwater Acoustic Transducers (10C/10C.2)

Dr David J W Hardie, Thales, United Kingdom

Optimal Display Of Plots Chaining, Applied To Active Sonars And Adaptive To Environment (5C/5C.2)

Mr Frederic Livernet, CMS Senior Expert, Ministry of Defence (DGA), France

Progressing from Automation to Autonomy in Unmanned Vehicles: Implications for Distributed Control (2C/2C.3)

Dr Michael Incze, Oceanographer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Quality of AIS Services for Wide-Area Maritime Surveillance (7A/7A.1)

Torkild Eriksen, Senior Scientist, European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Italy

Single Crystal Piezoelectric Standard (10C/10C.3)

Dr Lynn Ewart, Manager, Center for Advanced System Technology, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Software Solutions For Expeditionary MCM (3B/3B.1)

Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager, SeeByte, United Kingdom

Study on Bubble Behavior in Underwater Explosion (3B/3B.2)

Mr Keisuke Harada, Technical Official, Ministry of Defense, Japan

Subsea Cable Installation and Security Challenges in the Marine Environment (8B/8B.2)

Anne LeBoutillier, Global Head of Marketing, Global Marine Systems, Singapore

TBC (1/1.1)

M. Savas Onur, Naval Programs Manager, STM, Turkey

TBC (9/9.1)

M. Savas Onur, Naval Programs Manager, STM, Turkey

The Evolution of Acoustic Transducer Calibration and Evaluation of Sonar Transducers and Arrays (10C/10C.1)

Victor Évora, Mechanical Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

The Evolution of AEGIS BMD (7B/7B.1)

Brad Hicks, Vice President, IWW BD, Lockheed Martin, United States


Sarper Ozharar, Faculty Member, Bahcesehir University, Turkey

Undersea Warfare- Shaping The Littoral Battlespace (7D/7D.2)

Anil Jai Singh, Senior Vice President, ATLAS Elektronik India, India

Unmanned Surface Vehicle A Key Contribution To littoral Operations (3C/3C.3)

Claude CAZAOULOU, Products and projects director, ECA ROBOTICS, France

US Experience with Littoral Combat Systems Modularity (4D/4D.3)

James Prater, Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center, United States

Using Serious Game Technology To Improve Navy Crew Training (8D/8D.2)

Francesco Perra, System Simulation Leader Engineerig, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali SpA, Italy

Water Space Management supporting USV's (3C/3C.2)

Captain Jatinder Bains, CEO, Channel Logistics LLC, United States

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