MAST Europe 2006


France 4–5 September 2006

Acropolis, Nice, France
Monday 4 September 2006 to Tuesday 5 September 2006

MAST Conference Papers

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A DSTO perspective on future Operations (11B/2)

Bernard Kachoyan, defence scientist, DSTO, Australia

A system of systems approach in maritime security (6D/1)

Jaap Jonker, Regional Marketing Manager, Sales & Marketing, Tha, Thales Nederland, Netherlands

Adapting an Open Architecture C4ISR MDA System to Support Non-lethal Ship Self Defense (6D/3)

John Rienzo, Senior Principle Systems Engineer, Raytheon, United States

Adaptive Automation and Attention Allocation (11A/3)

Tjerk de Greef, Scentific Researcher, TNO, Netherlands

Advanced acoustic protection means – designing, experimental tests, production technique. (12D/3)

Maslov Vaicheslav, Deputy Director, doctor, Krylov Shipbuilding Research institute, Russia

Advanced masts - from initial concept to ship fit (11D/2)

Peter Barnes, technical manager, QinetiQ, United Kingdom

Advancements in Surface Ship Undersea Warfare (7B/3)

Thomas Stottlemyer, Program Manager Surface Ship USW, Naval Undersea Warfare Center (Division Newport), United States

An information-centric approach to mission-critical distributed systems (7A/3)

Hans van 't Hag, OpenSplice Product Manager, PrismTech Netherlands, Netherlands

Anti-Asymmetric Warfare - A new Challenge? (6B/3)

Gerhard Kahl, EADS Defence & Security Systems, Germany

Beans, Bullets and Black Oil: The Development of U.S. Navy Underway Replenishment (10B/1)

Marvin Miller, Manager, Naval Surface Warfare Center, United States

Cerberus: Wideband Swimmer Detection Sonar (5D/2)

Tim Clarke, scientist, QinetiQ, United Kingdom

Collaboration and the Battlespace of the 21st Century (5B/1)

Yvonne Masakowski, Lead, Human Performance Technology Group, Naval Undersea Warfare Center (Division Newport), United States

Combating Weapons of Mass Casualty in the 21st Century: The Threat of Advanced Chemical and Biological Weapons (4C/1)

Alfredo Rayms-Keller, Senior Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Dahlgren Division), United States

Computing Architecture Performance Prediction and UML Requirements (8A/3)

Leonard Weinberg, Principal Member Engineering Staff, Lockheed Martin MS2, United States

Concept Design of an Unmanned Vehicle Host (UVH) Ship for Littoral Operations (12D/1)

Cara LaPointe, Graduate Student, MIT/WHOI, United States

COTS Solution to Embarked Aviation Ground Power Capability Gap (8A/4)

David Swabey, Managing Director, Whippendell Marine Ltd, United Kingdom

Detection of Vapors of Explosives and other Gases by Electronic Sensors (4C/3)

Janusz Smulko, Dr, Gdansk Univ. of Technology, Poland

Developing engines for the naval market (12D/4)

Mr Christoph Fenske, Director Application Center Naval, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Germany

Enabling Interoperability (8B/3)

William Chad Vance, Innovative Solutions Technical Agent, Naval Surface Warfare Center, United States

EXPLORA’05 Demo (3B/1)

Alain HETET, Expert Sonar, DGA/DET/GESMA, France

Exploring Technologies for Future Maritime Combatants. (3A/1)

Magnus Ornfelt, Chairman, FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration), Sweden

F125 – new frigate as responds to new challenges in warfighting (11B/3)

Rita Ronken, Project Leader, BWB/Ministry of Defence, Germany

Fast calculation of time launch windows burnout positions, and velocities of an interceptor versus a threat (8C/1)

William Ormsby, Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Dahlgren Division), United States

Four Dimensional Littoral Radio Frequency Refractivity Fields Driven by a Convergence of Emerging Technologies (5C/2)

Robert Marshall, Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Dahlgren Division), United States

French maritime safeguard (12B/1)

Yves Cuny, Commander, French Navy, France

HF House implementation for Software Defined Radio (5C/1)

Wieslaw Jablonski, MSc, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

HORIZON FRIGATE: New Combat Management Systems Simulator (12A/3)

Stéphane Claisse, S3M Project Manager, DCNS, France

Human Engineering application to Whole Warship design and dedicated software tool (12C/2)

Manlio Morreale, system enginer, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, Italy

Incorporation of a Modular Reconfigurable Space into the Affordable Future Fleet (8D/2)

Andrew Levine, Systems Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center (CD), United States

Integrated CIC Design (11A/1)

Torsten Feist, EADS, Germany

integrated mast engineering for naval surface warships (11D/1)

Denis Quiltu, single mast project manager, DCNS, France

Leveraging Convergence in Combat Management Systems (3A/2)

Karl Bunker, Sr. Program Manager, Raytheon, United States

Logistics Ontology: A Text Analysis (10B/4)

John Rigsby, Scientist, NSWC, United States

Maritime CBRN solutions (4C/2)

Yves Gaubert, Bid Manager, Thales Security Systems, France

Multi Agent System for Airborne Maritime Surveillance (4B/1)

Gabriel Marchalot, Maritime Patrol research, Thales, United Kingdom

Naval multi platform engagement capabilities (5A/1)

Serge DAVOISNE, naval combat system advanced studies chief enginee, Thales Naval France, France

Net Centric Domain Awareness - Automated Ways to Create Knowledge from Chaos (5A/3)

John Rienzo, Senior Principle Systems Engineer, Raytheon, United States

Operational & system architecture principles for the Under Water Battlespace (4A/3)

Patrick Sicilia, Technical Planning Manager, Thales Group, France

Operational Risk Management (OPREG) at the Operational Level (5B/3)

Graeme Rogers, Director, Major Projects, Maritime Headquarters, Royal Australian Navy, Australia

Operational Sensor Management and Optimization, enabling reduced manning in the net-centric era (4B/2)

Maurice Houtsma, research authority, Thales Naval Netherlands, Netherlands

Optimisation of operational performance at the preliminary design stage (8D/1)

Giovanni Caprino, Naval architect, Cetena S.p.A., Italy

ORTSTARS: Redefining Tech Support and Remote Diagnostics / Monitoring Distance Support for the U.S. Navy's Aegis Ships (10B/3)

Timothy Rosemeyer, Surface Ship Air Dominance Dept Manager, Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division, United States

PACSCATT - Novel hull form for fast landing craft (7D/3)

Andrew Bailey, QinetiQ, United Kingdom

Pro-active methods for maritime border control (8B/1)

Arthur Smith, Project Manager, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, Netherlands

Rapidly Deployable Underwater Surveillance System – SURA (8B/2)

Risto Pullinen, Sales Manager, Patria, Finland

Remote Multimission System (RMS) Littoral Warfare Applications (10C/2)

Brad Hines, Director, Business Development, Lockheed Martin, United States

Results of Krylov Ship Research Institute last years investigations on fast speed ships (7D/2)

Alexander Pustoshny, Hydrodynamics, Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, Russia

Retrofitting the TARDAMS (3B/3)

D. Ramakrishna Naidu, Managing Director, Artec Sriman Controlls Private Ltd, India

SEALION: A technology demonstrator for the U.S. Navy (8D/3)

Jennifer Grimsley PE NA, naval architect, Naval Surface Warfare Center (CD), United States

Self-configuration net (SECON) for protection of warship group (12B/2)

Ryszard Rugala, Chief of Experts Team, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

SENECA (11A/2)

Marcus Esser, Innovation Manager, THALES, Netherlands

Ship’s digital control subsystem for AK630 and AK176 guns (8C/2)

Leszek Olejniczak, MSc, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

Shore Based Over the Horizon Maritime Surveillance System (4D/3)

David Peter Holmes, Support Manager - Joint, BAE Systems INSYTE, United Kingdom

Special Operations, or Platform Design and C.O.T.S. Technologies (12B/3)

Matthew O'Connor, Branch Manager Special Operations, Combat Direction Systems Activity Dam Neck, United States

Surface combatant (7B/1)

Bruno Paulmier, CAPTAIN (Navy), French Navy, France

Survivability concept of an Integrated Sensor Mast (11D/3)

Wessel Weijenberg, Projectmanager, Thales Nederland, Netherlands

The Capability Management Continuum (CMC) at the Maritime Command Level (5B/2)

Graeme Rogers, Director, Major Projects, Maritime Headquarters, Royal Australian Navy, Australia

The Impact of Open Architecture on US Navy's Aegis Requirements Engineering (3A/3)

Carlo Ciliberti P.E., Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin, United States

The Simulation of the Ship/Air Interface (12A/1)

Ian Cox, Senior Consultant, SEA, United Kingdom

The SPARTAN Unmanned Surface Vehicle Obstacle Avoidance (11C/2)

Zie Kone, Scientist, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Threat Swimmer Neutralization (5D/3)

Juergen Keil, Vice President, Government Operations, Rite-Solutions, Inc, United States

Towards a model driven approach to efficiently construct maritime systems (10A/3)

Maurice Glandrup, System Architect, Thales Naval Netherlands, Netherlands

Towards truly autonomous underwater vehicles for minehunting (10C/1)


TRIDENT D’OR 2005: Tactical data link system (5C/3)

Henry-Pierre Audubey, TDL department manager, DCNS, France

Trimaran platforms for defence, security and safety applications (7D/1)

Jamie Robinson, Business Development Manager, Austal Ships, Australia

Unmanned Maritime Vehicles Autonomy Development (11C/1)

Eric Hansen, Program Manager, NAVSEA, United States

Vessel Tracking Technologies and their role in the fight against global terrorism. (4D/1)

David Wilson-Le-Moine, Head of Sales, Thales, United Kingdom

VIrtual Ship simulatioN (VISION) approached using High Level Architecture (12A/2)

Francesco Perra, System Simulation Leader Engineerig, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali SpA, Italy

Visualizing the Unexpected (6A/2)

Edwin Sroka, Systems Engineering Principal, Lockheed Martin, United States

WAN - DDS (8A/2)

Piet Griffioen, Innovation manager, Thales Division Naval - Above Water Systems, Netherlands

Warship integration – thinking outside the box (4A/1)

Martyn Dickinson, Sales Manager, Servowatch, United Kingdom

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