MAST Europe 2009


Sweden 21–23 October 2009

Kistmässen, Stockholm, Sweden
Wednesday 21 October 2009 to Friday 23 October 2009

MAST Conference Papers

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A Force Multiplier for Littoral Operations - The ATLAS AUV Concept (7C/7C.1)

Bernd Waltl, Product Management UUVs, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

A Machinery Design Processes Using Design Structure Matrix Methodologies: Development and Evaluation (5D/5D.3)

David Woodward, Senior Naval Architect, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Carderock Division), United States

A New Concept of Spaceborne Maritime Surveillance Radar (8G/8G.3)

Jacques Richard, Head of radar instrument engineering, Thales Alenia Space, France

Advanced UAV for Maritime Surveillance (8G/8G.1)

Luc Boureau, Head of Sales & Marketing UAV Sytems, EADS MAS, France

Advances of Synthetic Aperture Sonar Study in China (7D/7D.2)

Professor Qihu Li, Academian of CAS, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science, China

Airborne Wide Area Surveillance: An Efficient Monitoring Solution for the Barents Sea (8G/8G.2)

Matthew Smith, Director of Marketing - Airborne Maritime Surveill, Saab Surveillance Systems, Sweden

Aligning Test and Acceptance with an Open Architecture (4F/4F.2)

Tony Harrison, Software Architect, Thales Underwater Systems, United Kingdom

An Enterprise Architecture Approach to Improved Maritime Security (6F/6F.4)

William Ormsby, Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Dahlgren Division), United States

Anomaly Detection at Sea - Decision Support (3A/3A.3)

Joao Mourao, Researcher, E.U. Marie Curie, Netherlands

Anti-piracy Maritime Surveillance (4A/4A.3)

Olivier Yvon, Manager, EADS Defence & Security, France

Arctic MDA - Decision Support System (8A/8A.2)

Captain Jatinder Bains, CEO, Channel Logistics LLC, United States

Area Control & Interoperability for a Ship-deployed Naval Force HQ (4E/4E.1)

Richard Börjesseon, tbc, Security Alliance Stockholm AB, Sweden

ASV and Quad-Rotors Coordination (8F/8F.3)

Sujit PB, research scientist, FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do P, Portugal

Australia's Future Generation Submarine - Crew Requirements (8B/8B.2)

Anders Folbert, Submarine Specialist, Deep Blue Tech Pty. Ltd., Australia

AUV System for Network Centric Operations - Xtreme (7C/7C.3)

Gil Gonçalves, Lecturer, FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do P, Portugal

Canadian Halifax Class Modernization (6E/6E.1)

Don McClure, VP Business Development, Lockheed Martin Canada, Canada

Coastal Water Protection in the African Context (10B/10B.1)

Peter Handley, Head : Tactical Networks, Saab Grintek Communications, South Africa

Collaborative Multistatic ASW using AUVS (5C/5C.3)

David Hughes, Senior Scientist, NATO Undersea Research Centre, Italy

Combat System for Swedish Visby-Class Corvette: Developing a Modular System to Meet Future Requirements (10A/10A.2)

Lena Tornving, PROJECT MANAGER, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), Sweden

Command and Control Capabilities Supporting Maritime Aid And Patrol Missions (2A/2A.2)

Remko Sikkink, Product Portfolio Manager, Thales (Above Water Systems), Netherlands

Communicating the Migration Roadmap Towards an Open Architecture (3F/3F.1)

Tony Harrison, Software Architect, Thales Underwater Systems, United Kingdom

Compact DC Power and Propulsion Systems - The Definitive Solution? (6D/6D.3)

Ralph Maltby, Naval Business Development Manager, Converteam Ltd, United Kingdom

Compact, Broadband LF Sonar Transducers using Piezoelectric Single Crystals (6F/6F.2)

Harold Robinson, Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center (Division Newport), United States

Compilation of a Security Picture (7E/7E.3)

Peter Dugge, WECDIS Design and Management, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Constant Improvement through Constant Innovation - TACTICOS (6E/6E.2)

Roel Aalbers, Manager System Architecture & Integration, Thales Nederland B.V., Netherlands

Cost-Effective Solutions for Maritime Security (6A/6A.3)

Ola Pettersson, Senior System Designer, Saab Underwater Systems AB, Sweden

Current AUV Developments for Mine Warfare Operations (6C/6C.1)

Jean Le Gall, Technical Manager, Thales Underwater Systems, France

Design and Demonstration of Advanced Seawater Desalination Plant (SC1/SC1.3)

David Nordham, Mechanical Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Carderock Division), United States

Detection of Underwater Terrorist Threats Operating in Harsh Environmental Conditions (5A/5A.2)

Jan Tadeusz Dobkowski, R&D Director, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

Detection of Weak Targets by Active and Passive Submarine Sonar (7D/7D.1)

Joerg Hurka, Senior Systems Engineer, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Development of a System for Detection of Underwater Threats Based on Electric Field Measurements (5A/5A.3)

Mr Francisco Javier Rodrigo, Digital Signal Processing Group Head, SAES (Sociedad Anonima de Electronica Submarina), Spain

Distributed Surveillance System Supporting (4E/4E.2)

Jan Laarhuis, system engineer, Thales (Naval), Netherlands

Dual Frequency SAS (Synthetic Aperture Sonar) Image Fusion for Detection of Small Underwater Objects (10C/10C.2)

Lina Chng, Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore

Early Stage Design using Ship Synthesis Model (SSM) (11D/11D.1)

Giacomo Bertolotto, System Engineer, Fincantieri S.p.A., Italy

Efficient Emergency Evacuation (7F/7F.3)

Richard Eggleton, President, MariMils Oy, Finland

Enabling Situational Awareness across the Battlespace (3B/3B.2)

Grigorios Koutsogiannis, Senior Research Consultant, Lockheed Martin UK, United Kingdom

Energy Conservation: Matching Technologies to the Platform (6D/6D.2)

John Buckingham, Chief Mechanical Engineer, BMT Defence Services Ltd., United Kingdom

Enhance SAROV operations with SDV (7B/7B.2)

Fredrik Hillelson, Defence Consulting Europe, Sweden

Enhanced C2 through Wireless Onboard Services (2D/2D.3)

Antoine Smallegange, Business Consultant, TNO ICT, Netherlands

Evolutionary Combat System Design for the Swedish Submarine Force (10A/10A.3)

Jan Aspenstam, Project Manager, FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) , Sweden

Expeditionary Naval Mine Warfare: Integrating One-shot Capability on Mine Hunting ROV (5G/5G.1)

Mr Jan Siesjo, Chief Engineer, SAAB Underwater Systems AB, Sweden

Experiment on the Effects of Moderate Sea Sickness on Estimating Task Duration (2D/2D.2)

James Colwell, Leader, Simulation of Naval Platforms, DRDC Atlantic, Canada

Explosives and Drug Detection at Range (3E/3E.1)

Ulf Einefors, Senior Director, BAE Systems Bofors AB, Sweden

Future Power and Propulsion Options for Small Combatant Craft (6D/6D.1)

David Woodward, Senior Naval Architect, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Carderock Division), United States

German Submarine Class 212A - A Fuel Cell Powered, Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) Boat (2E/2E.1)

Juergen W. Giefer, Technischer Regierungsdirektor, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany

Gun Performance Modeling - A System Approach (11E/11E.2)

Wilhelmus Arnoldus de Ruijter, Reseacher, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, Netherlands

Harbour and Base Protection with Passive Systems (6A/6A.2)

Eva Maria Dalberg, Senior Scientist, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

Harbour Sea-floor Clearance: “HD” High Definition Magnetic Survey Performance (5A/5A.1)

Osvaldo Faggioni, First Scientist, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy

Human Factors Integration for Sonar User Interfaces (8B/8B.1)

Oliver Wright, Senior Systems Engineer, Thales Underwater Systems, United Kingdom

Human Performance Standards for Ship Motion (4B/4B.3)

Panagiotis Matsangas, Analyst, Naval Postgraduate School, United States

Human Systems Integration Implications in High Speed Craft (4B/4B.2)

Julie Stark, Human Factors Scientist, US Navy, United States

Hybrid AUV/ROV - Merging Technology to Create SAROV (7C/7C.2)

Mr Jan Siesjo, Chief Engineer, SAAB Underwater Systems AB, Sweden

Hybrid Decision Support System for Enhanced Situational Awareness (2A/2A.1)

Mikael Fredin, Product Manager, Saab Microwave Systems, Sweden

Hybrid Laser Communication for Naval Applications (4E/4E.3)

Peter Dugge, WECDIS Design and Management, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Hydro-acoustic Detection of a Cruising Vessel (3E/3E.3)

Kari Huoman, Sales Director, TietoSaab Systems Oy, Finland

Hydrodynamic Assessment and Optimization of SLICE Hull Forms (10D/10D.2)

Stefano Brizzolara, Aggregate Professor, University of Genova, Italy

If You Always Do What You Always Did (You Might Not Get What You Always Got!) (4F/4F.3)

Michael Wiseman, Electrical Engineer, US Navy, United States

Improving Data Life Cycle Logistics: Harmonizing S1000D and SCORM (5F/5F.1)

Wayne Gafford, Director, Department of Defence (Advanced Distributed Learni, United States

Increased Operational Effectiveness - Using UAVs in the Maritime Domain (8F/8F.1)

Fredrik de Try, Systems Engineer, Saab Systems, Sweden

Increasing the Submarine's Capabilities with Innovative Hoistable Mast Solutions (7B/7B.1)

Bernhard Krueger, Head of developments, Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany

Inspecting the Inside of Underwater Hulls (8D/8D.3)

Vladivoj Valkovic, professor of physics, A.C.T.d.o.o., Croatia

Integrated Communication System (ICS) - The Evolution Towards the Future (8E/8E.1)

Kim Bredgaard, Produkt Manager, Saab Danmark A/S, Denmark

Integrated Mast with Integrated Sensor & Communication Suite (3C/3C.3)

Jos de Kraker, Product Portfolio Managemer, Thales Nederland B.V., Netherlands

Joint Support Vessels / Ships - Trumping the Jack-Of-All-Trades (10D/10D.1)

Andy Kimber, Senior Manager, BMT Defence Services Ltd., United Kingdom

Large Diameter Magnetic Test Apparatus for Sliding Electric Contacts (3C/3C.2)

Neal Sondergaard, Senior Scientist, BMT Syntek Technologies Inc, United States

Layered Underwater Defense for Surface Vessels (2C/2C.2)

Hanns-Wilhelm Leuschner, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Long Term Support Strategies for Open Architecture COTS Assemblies (3F/3F.2)

Colin Davies, Business Development Manager, GE Intelligent Platforms, United Kingdom

Making Presence Happen (7F/7F.4)

R. Robinson Harris, Director, Requirements and Solutions, Lockheed Martin MS2, United States

Maritime Counter-Piracy Operations (EXTAC 789) (2B/2B.2)

Pierre Granger, Experimention Section Head, US Navy CJOS COE (Combined Joint Operations from t, United States

Maritime Situational Awareness in the Dutch North Sea (10A/10A.1)

Arthur Smith, Project Manager, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, Netherlands

Maritime Tactical Networking (TacNET) (5E/5E.1)

David Brown, Communications Systems Engineer, QinetiQ, United Kingdom

Metal/Composite or "the best of both worlds" (3C/3C.1)

Fredrik von Heland, marketing, Fagerdala Marine Systems AB, Sweden

Mine Counter Measures Capability Development (6C/6C.2)

Loïc Tacher, Naval Systems Architect, DCNS, France

Mine Sweeping USVs (11A/11A.3)

Robert C. Petersson, Senior Marketing Executive, Kockums AB, Sweden

Mission Engagement Model in Total Ship Systems Engineering Process (TSSE) (11D/11D.3)

Aldo Guagnano, engineer, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali SpA, Italy

Modeling an Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Networked Co-operative Missions (7F/7F.1)

Ana Sofia Rufino Ferreira, Student, FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do P, Portugal

Modular Magnetic Influence Mine Sweep (5C/5C.2)

Henrik Nøjgaard, Product Manager, Saab Danmark A/S, Denmark

Monitoring Suspicious Ships in EU Waters: The Maritime Surveillance Demonstration of the TANGO Project (5B/5B.2)

Antonio De la Cruz, Project Manager, European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC), Spain

Multi Core Technologies for Sonars (6F/6F.3)

Mark Thomas, Information Systems Techical Authority, Thales Underwater Systems, United Kingdom

Multiple Model Tracking Filters Applied to a Gun Fire Control System (11E/11E.1)

Fredrik Soderstrom, Senior System Analyst, Saab Systems, Sweden

Multi-tool Situation Detection in the Maritime Domain (2A/2A.3)

Carl Johan Setterlind, Research Engineer, Saab AB, Sweden

Naval Platform Automation System (CALLOSUM) (5D/5D.1)

Juergen Amann, Manager, MTU Friedrichshafen, Germany

Naval Surveillance, Identification & Video Evidence (2B/2B.3)

Laurent Rouchon, Sales Manager, Thales Optronique, France

Naval X-Band Radar against Asymmetric Threats (10B/10B.2)

Gunter Menacher, Director Navy Sales and Marketing, Defence Electro, EADS Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Net Centric Logistics (7E/7E.2)

Mats Jacobsson, Architect, Saab Aerotech, Sweden

New Approaches in Littoral Sub-surface Warfare (4D/4D.2)

Dean Fowler, Systems Analyst, Combitech AB, Sweden

Next Generation Acoustic Influence Minesweeping Gear (4D/4D.4)

Arto Laine, development manager, Patria Aviation Oy, Finland

Next Generation Undersea Warfare - an Australian Perspective (10C/10C.1)

Janis Cocking, Chief, Maritime Platforms Division, DSTO (Defence Science & Technology Organisation), Australia

Novel Approaches in Sonar, Transduction and Sensing (6F/6F.1)

Victor Évora, Mechanical Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Offboard Sensors for ASW Surveillance in the Littoral Environment (2C/2C.3)

Paul Gosling, UK Naval Division Technical Director, Thales Underwater Systems, United Kingdom

Open Service Strategy - Real Benefits (2F/2F.3)

Lawrence Brown, Sonar Software Products Director, Thales Underwater Systems, United Kingdom

Operational Experience with a SAS-equipped AUV: HUGIN 1000-MR and HISAS 1030 (8B/8B.3)

Per Espen Hagen, Senior Principal Engineer, Kongsberg Maritime, Norway

Passive Countermeasures - Improving Performance (11B/11B.2)

Richard Lord, Director of Sales & Marketing, Naval, Chemring Countermeasures Ltd., United Kingdom

Protective Materials for Maritime Vessels (3C/3C.4)

Paul Warth, U.S. Defense Sales Manager, Trelleborg Offshore Boston Inc, United States

Remote Enabled Capability ...On Demand (5F/5F.3)

Niclas Asada, Manager Business Development, SAAB, Sweden

Remote Repair and Validation for Naval Systems (3D/3D.3)

Joel H. Timm, Future Fleet Concepts Analyst, Naval Sea Systems Command (Port Hueneme Division), United States

Roadmap from Link22 to a Multi-link Solution (SC1/SC1.1)

Heinz Marsau-Rierl, Senior Sales Manager TDL, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Rocket Propulsion with Gelled Propellants (SC2/SC2.1)

Karl Wieland Naumann, Director Strategy and Business Development, Bayern-Chemie, Germany

Russian Doctrinal Thinking - The Role of High North (7G/7G.2)

Jakub M. Godzimirski, Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway

Satellite Automatic Identification System SAT-AIS for Vessel Traffic Monitoring in the North Sea (5B/5B.1)

Laura Anitori, scientific employee, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, Netherlands

Scaling the Data Distribution Service to Global Networks (3E/3E.2)

Angelo Corsaro, Chief Technology Officer, PrismTech, France

Scientific Analysis and Visualisation of the Sinking of HMAS Sydney (SC2/SC2.2)

Janis Cocking, Chief, Maritime Platforms Division, DSTO (Defence Science & Technology Organisation), Australia

SeaCon AUV system - Technology Evaluation, Training and Development of Concepts of Operation for the Portuguese Navy (6C/6C.3)

João Borges de Sousa, Lecturer, FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do P, Portugal

Seakeeping Tactical Operator Guidance for Improved Decision Making (2D/2D.1)

James Colwell, Leader, Simulation of Naval Platforms, DRDC Atlantic, Canada

Security and Safety Provisions for LNG Carriers in Port Infrastructures (7G/7G.3)

Artem Popko, Project manager, Marine Bridge & Navigating Systems, Russia

Ship Crane Pendulation Control: From Government R&D to Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (6G/6G.2)

Gordon Parker, Professor, Michigan Technical University, United States

Situational Awareness in Deployed Small Craft (11B/11B.1)

Peter Behrendt, Operations Specialist, Saab Systems, Australia

SLAM and Data Fusion: Continued Performance Development (11A/11A.1)

Martyn Dickinson, Manager - Naval & Commercial Systems, Servowatch Systems Ltd., United Kingdom

Small Systems Utilisation - Some Considerations (6E/6E.3)

Sami Sohlberg, Sales Manager, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Finland

Sonar 2076 - A Large Sonar Engineering Challenge (2F/2F.2)

Paul Gosling, UK Naval Division Technical Director, Thales Underwater Systems, United Kingdom

Sonar Simulator for Operator Training (10E/10E.1)

Vicente Balbin, Chief Representative, Banco Sabadell, Turkey

Submarine Hunting in Littorals (6B/6B.1)

Markus Schaefer, System Engineer, L-3 Communications ELAC Nautik GmbH, Germany

Surveillance of Costal Area with Cameras and Passive Radar (11A/11A.2)

Dann Laneuville, Tracking and Data Fusion Expert, DCNS, France

Swedish Combat Support Ship (4C/4C.2)

Kjell-Ove Schramm, Cdr, Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) HQ, Sweden

Swedish Combat Support Ship Project (4C/4C.1)

John Timerdal, Project manager, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), Sweden


Michel Morel, R&D Manager, DCNS, France

Task Effectives: A Tool Based on Naval Operations Analysis (11D/11D.2)

Natalino Dazzi, System Engineer, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali S.p.A., Italy

Teamed Unmanned Vehicles for Cooperative Missions in a Network Environment (8F/8F.2)

João Borges de Sousa, Lecturer, FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do P, Portugal

Technical Overview of Non-acoustical Applications for Naval Forces with Emphasis on Novel Capabilities (6B/6B.3)

Peter Sigray, Research Director, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

Technology Transition Opportunities for a Porous Hull to Absorb Wave Slamming Energy (3D/3D.2)

Timothy Coats, Director, Research and Development, Naval Surface Warfare Center (Carderock Division), United States

The Role of Satellite Technology in Arctic Governance (8A/8A.1)

Richard Hall, Product and Service Development Manager, Kongsberg Satellite Services, Norway

The Water Diffusion Process into a Thermoplastic Cable Sheath – Simulation at high Temperature and high Pressure (8D/8D.1)

Uwe Rudorf, Head of Business Unit Marine Technologies, Leoni Kabel GmbH, Germany

Towards a Pan-European Interoperability Framework for the Maritime Community (7A/7A.2)

Bernard Garnier, European projects Director, Thales Group, France

Towards Free, Open Source Software in Naval Command and Control (4F/4F.1)

Magnus Förnberg, Systems Engineering Manager, Saab Systems, Sweden

Training Service Provider - TSP (4B/4B.1)

Bo Söderling, Director Sales & Marketing, Saab Aerotech, Sweden

Transparent Protection on Warships (6G/6G.1)

Stefan Haase, Director - Sales & Marketing, Schott AG, Germany

Underwater Force Protection Exercise (KONDARI Trial) (6A/6A.1)

Mark Hallett, Maritime Security Analyst, Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), Australia

US Navy Common Radio Room (2F/2F.1)

Brian Nutt, Business Development Rep, Lockheed Martin MS2, United States

Usability Testing: Redundant Functionalities in Combat Management Systems – Efficient or Not? (3D/3D.1)

Evelina Hedskog, Marketing & Sales Executive, Saab Avitronics, Sweden

Use of Underwater Wireless Networks (4D/4D.3)

Erland Sangfelt, Research Director, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

Using AUVs for Mine Reconnaissance (6B/6B.2)

Thomas Petersson, Senior System Designer, Saab Underwater Systems AB, Sweden

USV for Surface and Underwater Missions (U-Ranger) (10B/10B.3)

Marcello Zannini, Innovation Director, Calzoni s.r.l., Italy

Vessel Identification & Positioning System (VIPS®) (3A/3A.1)

David K.M. Chew, Executive Chairman, Stratech Systems Limited, Singapore

Vessel Traffic Management to Port Security (4A/4A.1)

Arne Løvik, Manager Business Development, Kongsberg, Norway

Virtual Incubation and Collaboration (3B/3B.3)

Robin Nussear, Innovation Manager, US Navy, United States

Virtual NUWC – Innovative Application of Virtual World Technologies to Undersea Warfare (10E/10E.2)

Steven Aguiar, Electrical Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Westphalia, Wild West or…? Implications of Emerging Arctic Security Questions (7G/7G.1)

James Quirk, Senior Analyst, The Bishop Group, United States

Wireless Sensor Networks for Shipboard Machinery (5D/5D.2)

Stephen Mastro, Science Advisor - R&D Division, Naval Sea Systems Command (Philadelphia), United States

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