MAST Europe 2012


Sweden 11–13 September 2012

Stadionmässen, Malmö, Sweden
Tuesday 11 September 2012 to Thursday 13 September 2012

MAST Conference Papers

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...and How Many Humans Will You Need for that Test...? (10B/10B.3)

Michael Wiseman, Electrical Engineer, US Navy, United States

A Framework for Integrated Platform System Modelling (2B/2B.3)

Joshua Rodgers, Defence Scientist, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

A Long-Endurance, Mobile, Station-Keeping Buoy for Maritime Surveillance and Security (6A/6A.1)

Mr Vincent Dobbin, Sales and Marketing Director, ASV Ltd, United Kingdom

Advanced Waste Management for Navy Vessels (4A/4A.2)

Klaus D. Eule, Manager Business Unit Navy Vessels, Deerberg-Systems, Germany

Agile Test and Performance Engineering Initiatives for High Availability Systems (6C/6C.1)

Edward Beck, Senior Manager, Mission Solutions Engineering, LLC, United States

Architecture for Naval CDS (7D/7D.2)

Sebastien Guillot, Project manager, DCNS, France

Asymmetrical Propeller Behaviour of Twin Screw Ships During Maneuvers (4A/4A.1)

Salvatore Mauro, Scientist researcher, National Research Council (CNR) - INSEAN, Italy

Autonomous Inspections of Underwater Infrastructure (4B/4B.3)

William Senke, Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin, United States

Collaborative Environment Engineered Resilient System (8C/8C.2)

Dr Lynn Ewart, Manager, Center for Advanced System Technology, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Composite Technology in Naval Ships Enabling Stealth and Multi-mission (5B/5B.3)

Per-Ola Hedin, Senior Marketing Executive, Kockums AB, Sweden

Concept Development and Experimentation for Unmanned System Operations (6A/6A.3)

Yntze Meijer, Operational Analyst, TNO, Netherlands

Concepts to Achieve SSK Communications on Demand (5C/5C.1)

Graham Carver, Product Manager, Atlas Elektronik UK, United Kingdom

Design Space Exploration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Maritime Monitoring (8B/8B.3)

Dane Freeman, Senior Graduate Researcher, Georgia Tech ASDL, United States

Early Design Naval Systems-of-Systems Assessment (8C/8C.3)

Mona Khoury, Architect Global Ship, Ministry of Defence (DGA), France

Early Stage Design: A Decision Support Dashboard (3C/3C.1)

Francesco Perra, System Simulation Leader Engineerig, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali SpA, Italy

Effects of Pressure Waves on Divers from Underwater Threat Countermeasures (6B/6B.3)

Przemyslaw Pozanski, Senior Specialist, CTM (R&D Marine Technology Centre), Poland

Electric Drives for Outboard Submarine Systems (3B/3B.3)

Mr Richard Williams, Project Manager, ATLAS Elektronik UK, United Kingdom

Electrical Propulsion Systems (3B/3B.2)

Bengt Larsson, Manager, Sales, SAAB Seaeye, Sweden

EMS Warfare (7D/7D.1)

Captain Jatinder Bains, CEO, Channel Logistics LLC, United States

Enhanced Capabilities of the Submarine Sonar & Combat System ISUS 90 (5A/5A.1)

Joerg Hurka, Senior Systems Engineer, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Enhancing the MEKO Concept in Warship Design: MEKO FLEX (2C/2C.2)

Rear Admiral (ret) Jonathan Kamerman, Senior Vice-President Surface, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Germany

ESM/ELINT Systems Software (4C/4C.2)

Pontus Djerf, Marketing Executive, SAAB, Sweden

High-Speed Supercavitating Projectile Hydrodynamics Basics (5A/5A.2)

Dr Vladimir Serebryakov, Senior Scientific Collaborator, Institute of Hydromechanics, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Incorporating Modularity into Ship System Designs for Increased Adaptability (2C/2C.1)

Kristen Bradshaw, Systems Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, United States

India's Emerging Undersea Warfare Capabilities (11A/11A.3)

Anil Jai Singh, Senior Vice President, ATLAS Elektronik India, India

Information Systems Supporting Maritime Operations (7B/7B.2)

Ricardo Maia, Business Development Manager, Critical Software, Portugal

Integrated Magneto Acoustic Barrier for Detection of Underwater Asymmetric Threats (6B/6B.2)

Jan Tadeusz Dobkowski, R&D Director, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

Interface Waves as a Means for Mine Detection in the Surf Zone (10C/10C.2)

Richard Brind, Technical Consultant, Atlas Elektronik UK, United Kingdom

Laser Techniques for Detection and Classification of Small Surface Targets (5D/5D.3)

Ove Steinvall, Director of Research Laser Systems, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

LCS Update (Modularity: Naval Ship Modernisation with Reduced Coat and Increased Flexibility) (2C/2C.3)

Marc DeBlasio, LCS MPI Program Director, Northrop Grumman, United States

Lessons Learned and Challenges in Distributed Netted Systems (2A/2A.1)

Dr Vittorio Ricci, Director of Science and Technology, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport Division, United States

Lightweight Panelised Structural Fire Protection (N-30) (3A/3A.2)

Roberto Javier Herbon, General Manager, CBG Systems, Australia

Local Positioning System for Navigation in Challenging Environments: (11C/11C.2)

Julian Steffes, Product Manager, EADS Astrium, Germany

Maritime Surveillance using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (7C/7C.2)

Mark Kassner, Program Director, Northrop Grumman, United States

MCM Operations from ASV´s (11B/11B.2)

Bengt Larsson, Manager, Sales, SAAB Seaeye, Sweden

Measurement and Modelling of Material Properties for Anechoic Materials. (10A/10A.1)

Alexander Cave, Research Scientist, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

Mission System Design and Simulation (8A/8A.2)

Gabriel Marchalot, Maritime Studies, Thales, France

Modern Optronics for Maritime Security and “Blue Border“ Surveillance (7B/7B.3)

Rüdiger Duchateau, Senior Manager, Cassidian Optronics, Germany

Modularity and Transformability in Submarine Design (2B/2B.1)

Per-Ola Hedin, Senior Marketing Executive, Kockums AB, Sweden

Modularity in MCM - A System-of-Systems Approach (10C/10C.1)

Jens Kohlscheen, Product Manager MCM, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Multi-Frequency Wideband Array for Mine-Hunting Sonars (10C/10C.3)

Andrzej Elminowicz, Senior designer, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

Multi-Role Combat Boats For Frigate 125 - Innovation For The German Navy (5B/5B.1)

Mathias Beise, mechanical engineer, Ministry of Defence (BWB), Germany

Naval Operations Against Organised Crime (4C/4C.3)

Peter Kaltenstadler, Sales Manager, RHODE & SCHWARZ, Germany

New Mast Architecture and Technology to Increase Sensors Capabilities for Next Generation Submarines (5C/5C.3)

Domenico Filardi, Europe Area Manager/Business Development, Calzoni, Italy

New Wide Area Sea Surveillance Capability of Erieye AEW&C (8A/8A.1)

Pontus Djerf, Marketing Executive, SAAB, Sweden

New-generation High-performance Single Crystal Underwater Transducers (10A/10A.2)

Leong-Chew Lim, Director, Microfine Materials Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore

Passive Underwater Tripwires for Harbor Protection (6B/6B.1)

Eva Maria Dalberg, Senior Scientist, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

Performance Measurement System for Naval Organizations (11A/11A.1)

Dimitrios Angelopoulos, PROJECT MANAGER SUBMARINES 214, Privinvest Shipbuilding, Hellenic Shipyards S.A, Germany

Power and Data Infrastructure for the Deep Ocean (2A/2A.2)

Peter Yinger, Director, L-3 MariPro, United States

PROLIFIC – Safety for Live Fire Exercises (7A/7A.1)

Jakob Jeppsson, Systems Engineer, SAAB, Sweden

Propagation (5D/5D.1)

Sebastien Guillot, Project manager, DCNS, France

Prospective Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (6D/6D.1)

Lutz Panknier, Captain, NATO COE CSW (Centre of Excellence for Operations , Germany

Rapid Development of AUV Autonomy and Operation in a Distributed Control Environment (2A/2A.3)

Dr Michael Incze, Oceanographer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

SAS Imagery and Computer Aided Detection/ Classification (4B/4B.1)

Wolfgang Jans, Section Head, Ministry of Defence (BWB) - Technical Center for S, Germany

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Requires a Total Solution Approach (4A/4A.3)

Phil Ballou, Head of Engineering, Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, United States

Shipboard firefighting - More cooling on the spot with less water (3A/3A.3)

Mr Anders Trewe, Naval Business Director, Cold Cut Systems, Sweden

Situation Awareness in Unmanned Maritime System Operations (6A/6A.2)

Jens-Olof Lindh, Specialist, Kockums AB, Sweden

Stirling AIP System – Operational Experience and Further Progressive Development (3B/3B.1)

Jan Westas, Product manager, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, Sweden

Survivability in Warship Design (3A/3A.1)

Stephen Murphy, Principal Consultant, BMT, United Kingdom

Tools and Processes for Early Submarine Design (2B/2B.2)

Paul Anthony Plant, Specialist Engineer - Concept Design, Deep Blue Tech Pty Ltd, Australia

Ultimate Surveillance (5C/5C.2)

Hendrik Goesmann, Head of Naval Division, Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany

Unmanned Minesweeping – Relevance and Technical Solutions (11B/11B.3)

Robert C. Petersson, Senior Marketing Executive, Kockums AB, Sweden

Use of a SSK for Operation Against Illicit Traffic (5A/5A.3)

Laurent Pelissero, scientist, DCNS, France

VTOL UAVs: A Frost & Sullivan Assessment (7C/7C.1)

Aman Pannu, Consultant, Frost & Sullivan, United Kingdom

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