MAST Europe 2012


Sweden 11–13 September 2012

MAST Conference Papers

Stadionmässen, Malmö, Sweden
Tuesday 11 September 2012 to Thursday 13 September 2012

...and How Many Humans Will You Need for that Test...? (10B/10B.3)

Michael Wiseman, Electrical Engineer, US Navy, United States

A Framework for Integrated Platform System Modelling (2B/2B.3)

Joshua Rodgers, Defence Scientist, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

A Long-Endurance, Mobile, Station-Keeping Buoy for Maritime Surveillance and Security (6A/6A.1)

Mr Vincent Dobbin, Sales and Marketing Director, ASV Ltd, United Kingdom

Advanced Waste Management for Navy Vessels (4A/4A.2)

Klaus D. Eule, Manager Business Unit Navy Vessels, Deerberg-Systems, Germany

Agile Test and Performance Engineering Initiatives for High Availability Systems (6C/6C.1)

Edward Beck, Senior Manager, Mission Solutions Engineering, LLC, United States

Architecture for Naval CDS (7D/7D.2)

Sebastien Guillot, Project manager, DCNS, France

Asymmetrical Propeller Behaviour of Twin Screw Ships During Maneuvers (4A/4A.1)

Salvatore Mauro, Scientist researcher, National Research Council (CNR) - INSEAN, Italy

Autonomous Inspections of Underwater Infrastructure (4B/4B.3)

William Senke, Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin, United States

Collaborative Environment Engineered Resilient System (8C/8C.2)

Dr Lynn Ewart, Manager, Center for Advanced System Technology, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

Composite Technology in Naval Ships Enabling Stealth and Multi-mission (5B/5B.3)

Per-Ola Hedin, Senior Marketing Executive, Kockums AB, Sweden

Concept Development and Experimentation for Unmanned System Operations (6A/6A.3)

Yntze Meijer, Operational Analyst, TNO, Netherlands

Concepts to Achieve SSK Communications on Demand (5C/5C.1)

Graham Carver, Product Manager, Atlas Elektronik UK, United Kingdom

Design Space Exploration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Maritime Monitoring (8B/8B.3)

Dane Freeman, Senior Graduate Researcher, Georgia Tech ASDL, United States

Early Design Naval Systems-of-Systems Assessment (8C/8C.3)

Mona Khoury, Architect Global Ship, Ministry of Defence (DGA), France

Early Stage Design: A Decision Support Dashboard (3C/3C.1)

Francesco Perra, System Simulation Leader Engineerig, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali SpA, Italy

Effects of Pressure Waves on Divers from Underwater Threat Countermeasures (6B/6B.3)

Przemyslaw Pozanski, Senior Specialist, CTM (R&D Marine Technology Centre), Poland

Electric Drives for Outboard Submarine Systems (3B/3B.3)

Mr Richard Williams, Project Manager, ATLAS Elektronik UK, United Kingdom

Electrical Propulsion Systems (3B/3B.2)

Bengt Larsson, Manager, Sales, SAAB Seaeye, Sweden

EMS Warfare (7D/7D.1)

Captain Jatinder Bains, CEO, Channel Logistics LLC, United States

Enhanced Capabilities of the Submarine Sonar & Combat System ISUS 90 (5A/5A.1)

Joerg Hurka, Senior Systems Engineer, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Enhancing the MEKO Concept in Warship Design: MEKO FLEX (2C/2C.2)

Rear Admiral (ret) Jonathan Kamerman, Senior Vice-President Surface, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Germany

ESM/ELINT Systems Software (4C/4C.2)

Pontus Djerf, Marketing Executive, SAAB, Sweden

High-Speed Supercavitating Projectile Hydrodynamics Basics (5A/5A.2)

Dr Vladimir Serebryakov, Senior Scientific Collaborator, Institute of Hydromechanics, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Incorporating Modularity into Ship System Designs for Increased Adaptability (2C/2C.1)

Kristen Bradshaw, Systems Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, United States

India's Emerging Undersea Warfare Capabilities (11A/11A.3)

Anil Jai Singh, Senior Vice President, ATLAS Elektronik India, India

Information Systems Supporting Maritime Operations (7B/7B.2)

Ricardo Maia, Business Development Manager, Critical Software, Portugal

Integrated Magneto Acoustic Barrier for Detection of Underwater Asymmetric Threats (6B/6B.2)

Jan Tadeusz Dobkowski, R&D Director, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

Interface Waves as a Means for Mine Detection in the Surf Zone (10C/10C.2)

Richard Brind, Technical Consultant, Atlas Elektronik UK, United Kingdom

Laser Techniques for Detection and Classification of Small Surface Targets (5D/5D.3)

Ove Steinvall, Director of Research Laser Systems, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

LCS Update (Modularity: Naval Ship Modernisation with Reduced Coat and Increased Flexibility) (2C/2C.3)

Marc DeBlasio, LCS MPI Program Director, Northrop Grumman, United States

Lessons Learned and Challenges in Distributed Netted Systems (2A/2A.1)

Dr Vittorio Ricci, Director of Science and Technology, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport Division, United States

Lightweight Panelised Structural Fire Protection (N-30) (3A/3A.2)

Roberto Javier Herbon, General Manager, CBG Systems, Australia

Local Positioning System for Navigation in Challenging Environments: (11C/11C.2)

Julian Steffes, Product Manager, EADS Astrium, Germany

Maritime Surveillance using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (7C/7C.2)

Mark Kassner, Program Director, Northrop Grumman, United States

MCM Operations from ASV´s (11B/11B.2)

Bengt Larsson, Manager, Sales, SAAB Seaeye, Sweden

Measurement and Modelling of Material Properties for Anechoic Materials. (10A/10A.1)

Alexander Cave, Research Scientist, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

Mission System Design and Simulation (8A/8A.2)

Gabriel Marchalot, Maritime Studies, Thales, France

Modern Optronics for Maritime Security and “Blue Border“ Surveillance (7B/7B.3)

Rüdiger Duchateau, Senior Manager, Cassidian Optronics, Germany

Modularity and Transformability in Submarine Design (2B/2B.1)

Per-Ola Hedin, Senior Marketing Executive, Kockums AB, Sweden

Modularity in MCM - A System-of-Systems Approach (10C/10C.1)

Jens Kohlscheen, Product Manager MCM, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Multi-Frequency Wideband Array for Mine-Hunting Sonars (10C/10C.3)

Andrzej Elminowicz, Senior designer, R&D Marine Technology Centre (CTM), Poland

Multi-Role Combat Boats For Frigate 125 - Innovation For The German Navy (5B/5B.1)

Mathias Beise, mechanical engineer, Ministry of Defence (BWB), Germany

Naval Operations Against Organised Crime (4C/4C.3)

Peter Kaltenstadler, Sales Manager, RHODE & SCHWARZ, Germany

New Mast Architecture and Technology to Increase Sensors Capabilities for Next Generation Submarines (5C/5C.3)

Domenico Filardi, Europe Area Manager/Business Development, Calzoni, Italy

New Wide Area Sea Surveillance Capability of Erieye AEW&C (8A/8A.1)

Pontus Djerf, Marketing Executive, SAAB, Sweden

New-generation High-performance Single Crystal Underwater Transducers (10A/10A.2)

Leong-Chew Lim, Director, Microfine Materials Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore

Passive Underwater Tripwires for Harbor Protection (6B/6B.1)

Eva Maria Dalberg, Senior Scientist, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

Performance Measurement System for Naval Organizations (11A/11A.1)

Dimitrios Angelopoulos, PROJECT MANAGER SUBMARINES 214, Privinvest Shipbuilding, Hellenic Shipyards S.A, Germany

Power and Data Infrastructure for the Deep Ocean (2A/2A.2)

Peter Yinger, Director, L-3 MariPro, United States

PROLIFIC – Safety for Live Fire Exercises (7A/7A.1)

Jakob Jeppsson, Systems Engineer, SAAB, Sweden

Propagation (5D/5D.1)

Sebastien Guillot, Project manager, DCNS, France

Prospective Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (6D/6D.1)

Lutz Panknier, Captain, NATO COE CSW (Centre of Excellence for Operations , Germany

Rapid Development of AUV Autonomy and Operation in a Distributed Control Environment (2A/2A.3)

Dr Michael Incze, Oceanographer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, United States

SAS Imagery and Computer Aided Detection/ Classification (4B/4B.1)

Wolfgang Jans, Section Head, Ministry of Defence (BWB) - Technical Center for S, Germany

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Requires a Total Solution Approach (4A/4A.3)

Phil Ballou, Head of Engineering, Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, United States

Shipboard firefighting - More cooling on the spot with less water (3A/3A.3)

Mr Anders Trewe, Naval Business Director, Cold Cut Systems, Sweden

Situation Awareness in Unmanned Maritime System Operations (6A/6A.2)

Jens-Olof Lindh, Specialist, Kockums AB, Sweden

Stirling AIP System – Operational Experience and Further Progressive Development (3B/3B.1)

Jan Westas, Product manager, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, Sweden

Survivability in Warship Design (3A/3A.1)

Stephen Murphy, Principal Consultant, BMT, United Kingdom

Tools and Processes for Early Submarine Design (2B/2B.2)

Paul Anthony Plant, Specialist Engineer - Concept Design, Deep Blue Tech Pty Ltd, Australia

Ultimate Surveillance (5C/5C.2)

Hendrik Goesmann, Head of Naval Division, Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany

Unmanned Minesweeping – Relevance and Technical Solutions (11B/11B.3)

Robert C. Petersson, Senior Marketing Executive, Kockums AB, Sweden

Use of a SSK for Operation Against Illicit Traffic (5A/5A.3)

Laurent Pelissero, scientist, DCNS, France

VTOL UAVs: A Frost & Sullivan Assessment (7C/7C.1)

Aman Pannu, Consultant, Frost & Sullivan, United Kingdom

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