IEEE restart sponsorship of MAST

Thu 7 Jul 2022 @ 8:48

IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society logoWe are delighted to announce the restart of collaborations between MAST conferences and IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES). This relationship previously served well to increase the depth/level of conference content, and broaden the range of topics discussed.

From MAST Med 2022 (2–4 November, Athens, Greece) onwards, delegates/sponsors/exhibitors can again expect the very highest standard of support for the event.

“Following our earlier engagements, we are happy to announce that IEEE OES will again be a technical sponsor of MAST.

“The goal of this partnership is to promote MAST amongst OES members and technical committees, recognizing the mutual interests shared amongst MAST and OES scientific communities and members.

“The visibility given to OES by MAST activities allows OES to be further disseminated among the defence community widening the typical audiences of OES, and believes this will be a fruitful, mutually beneficial partnership in the coming years."

— Fausto Ferreira, Vice President for Workshops & Symposia, IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES)


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