“Japan Defense Daily” readies for global launch

Tue 30 Oct 2018 @ 16:10

Japan Defense

MAST Asia’s exclusive offering to exhibitors and sponsors is almost ready for launch.

Final testing is being conducted to ensure a user-friendly interface that will keep MAST’s loyal supporters several steps ahead of their global competitors and counterparts.

A daily report of defense news stories as they are reported in Japan (in both English and Japanese press) will be prepared and distributed by staff in MAST Asia’s Tokyo office.

Since much of Japan’s defense news can get missed by international media, Japan Defense Daily is just one more example of the unique addded-value services MAST Asia exhibitors alone can expect from the organisers before, during and after the event itself.

When the service launches, each confirmed exhibitor/sponsor will be able to nominate up to five people within their organisation to receive the report.