MAST Asia: Officially Japan’s original AND best attended defence show

Fri 29 Nov 2019 @ 12:52

With a recent “copycat" defence exhibition launch now closed, MAST Asia has assured its place as Japan’s premier defence event.

Feedback from exhibitors and delegates at the new event was that very few customers turned up and the level of participants was significantly lower than that of the established MAST Asia event.

MAST Asia’s move to central Tokyo in 2020 (as opposed to the inconvenient Chiba location) is expected to boost attendance even further, making MAST Asia 2020 THE event for any international company seeking the very closest interface with Japanese Ministry of Defense, ATLA, METI, MOFA, and Self Defence Forces.

Exhibitors should apply for space now – before the early-bird rate closes – and just nine sponsors will be allocated, guaranteeing those companies 15-minute meetings (and their own private meeting room) with VIPs/hosted buyers… not only from Japan, but including some 20 regional delegations.

Central Tokyo