Meet your NATO Naval Armaments customers/counterparts at MAST Med 2022

Wed 29 Sep 2021 @ 13:31

NATO OTANWe are delighted to (again) announce collaboration with NATO’s NNAG Group, to host their annual meeting alongside MAST in Athens next year (2–4 November 2022).

Heads of delegations from NATO countries with coastline* are typically invited to MAST as hosted VIPs, so the arrangement with NNAG has always been a positive and complementary one: offering numerous opportunities for NNAG members to meet with global counterparts, discuss operational issues, and discover state-of-the-art naval technology offerings in the adjacent exhibition.

This year’s theme “The Mediterranean: Laboratory for Naval Warfare” will certainly draw keen focus to core discussions at the event.

* Albania; Belgium; Bulgaria; Canada; Croatia; Denmark; Estonia; France; Germany; (Greece); Iceland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States