5* luxury for 5* delegates, at 4* prices

Thu 15 Sep 2022 @ 10:21

The Grand Hyatt (MAST Med 2022 venue and official HQ hotel) is offering anyone – delegates/visitors, exhibitors/authors – at MAST Med 2022 in November, a discounted rate for the duration of the event.

One of Athens’ newest luxury hotels, The Grand Hyatt features a rooftop bar/restaurant/infinity pools area, overlooking the Acropolis (incidentally the location for the annual MAST party).

For just 150 euros/night (including taxes and breakfast), you will stay in the luxurious heart of the MAST event, and extend your MAST Med networking 24/7.

Simply call +30 21 4402 1234 and ask for the “MAST Med” special rate. But please hurry, as the group allocation will run out soon!

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Athens, rooftop pool area

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Athens, rooftop pool area


IEEE restart sponsorship of MAST

Thu 7 Jul 2022 @ 8:48

IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society logoWe are delighted to announce the restart of collaborations between MAST conferences and IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES). This relationship previously served well to increase the depth/level of conference content, and broaden the range of topics discussed.

From MAST Med 2022 (2–4 November, Athens, Greece) onwards, delegates/sponsors/exhibitors can again expect the very highest standard of support for the event.

“Following our earlier engagements, we are happy to announce that IEEE OES will again be a technical sponsor of MAST.

“The goal of this partnership is to promote MAST amongst OES members and technical committees, recognizing the mutual interests shared amongst MAST and OES scientific communities and members.

“The visibility given to OES by MAST activities allows OES to be further disseminated among the defence community widening the typical audiences of OES, and believes this will be a fruitful, mutually beneficial partnership in the coming years."

— Fausto Ferreira, Vice President for Workshops & Symposia, IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES)


NATO Naval Armaments Group (NNAG) Annual Meeting


Over 2,400 defence leaders waiting to meet you at Greece’s only global event dedicated to naval defence

Wed 27 Apr 2022 @ 9:20

This November, meet your global colleagues, counterparts (…and competitors) in Athens to discover the importance of future systems to the operational/procurement landscape, and where R&D will lead industry to best invest developmental funding.

If you need the facts behind the current Greek defence procurement plans and the actual specs of competing platforms, MAST Med is the only “post-Covid” live event that will put you face-to-face with the operators, policy makers, and technologists shaping the future of naval warfare.

Whether you join us as a full conference delegate, visitor, exhibitor/sponsor, or as a hosted buyer, MAST Med is the only weapon you need in your Greek defence marketing arsenal.

Equally, with NATO’s Naval Armaments Group’s annual meeting being held within MAST Med, some 50+ defence leaders and heads of delegation will be on hand to discuss eery aspect of naval warfare in the Mediterranean theatre.


Athens briefing report: Sights trained on inclusive Greek defence landscape

Thu 10 Mar 2022 @ 11:29

Last week’s Armed Forces Officers Club meeting united numerous senior-level military leaders, policy makers, armaments directors, academia/R&D, and industry leaders.

Attendance outstripped expectations, with 50 in-person attendees, 300 streaming live online, and subsequent 600 downloads for a taster of topics and technologies for the main MAST Med 2022 event in Athens this November.

Discussions homed in on a need for “closer consultation between government, military, industry, R&D, and academia”, to ensure Greek military leaders receive equipment ready for both current and future operations.

The critical roles of R&D and academia in supply chains was stressed: identifying and developing technologies that “broker” future military capabilities requirements and Ministry of Defence budgets, with industry’s own technology research investments:

“Something overlooked by typical trade-shows, which display mainly current/available technologies without reference to sustainable/future systems”
— Anonymous RADM attendee

Some concern was expressed by Greek industry over both a lack of financial support, and cohesion amongst associations, to guarantee a breadth of Hellenic industries competences/offerings/and research activities are adequately represented in a variety of diverse global defence arenas.

Acknowledging the outcomes of the meeting, MAST Med 2022 guarantees that the expressed interests/concerns of all key stakeholders are well covered in top-level plenary sessions, technical conference exchanges, exhibition displays and networking functions within its overarching theme: “The Mediterranean: Laboratory for Naval Warfare”.

Athens briefing presentation

Athens briefing presentation


Over 2,000 attendees confirmed for MAST MED 2022 conference & exhibition

Mon 21 Feb 2022 @ 11:37

As Greece prepares to host its first MAST this November (and Covid fatigue sets in across the events sector), the global maritime defence community – keen to return to live events – are registering for MAST Med 2022 in droves: over 2,000 participants have confirmed their presence for central Athens event.

Including hosted VIPs from across the globe, pre-registered conference delegates/speakers and exhibition visitors/exhibitors have been recorded from: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

From a diverse range of backgrounds, notably most are international armaments directors, policy makers, operators, technologists, or academics.

So whether you want to join your global counterparts, customers or suppliers, MAST Med is a MUST.