Central Tokyo makes MAST Asia accessible for all Japanese defense personnel

Fri 15 Nov 2019 @ 9:42

MAST 2020 Sales Prospectus

Next year’s MAST Asia (in conjunction with Japan Defense 2020) will make participation by the broadest range of Self Defense Forces and government/procurement agencies much more convenient than the three previous editions. For 2020, MAST will be sited in the heart of central Tokyo, just 10 minutes from the major government agencies and Self Defense Forces.

MAST has moved away from Makuhari Messe in Chiba – location of MAST in 2017 and 2019 – which proved too far for lower-level management to join their Director- and Commander-level colleagues at the events.

Feedback from government and industry officials meeting with MAST’s management in September/October has been overwhelmingly favourable, stating a likely increase in support from their organisations in 2020.

Also a hit with sponsors is MAST Asia’s unique offering of guaranteed meeting time/private rooms with hosted buyers (facilitated by a new MAST Protocol Officer), with several commenting that larger trade-show style events often neglect exhibitors and sponsors with this type of “personal service”.


Protocol Officer sought

Mon 4 Nov 2019 @ 8:14

Following feedback from VIPs and sponsors alike, MAST Asia’s organiser is recruiting an experienced Protocol Officer ahead of its fourth edition (November 2020 in central Tokyo).

Recruitment efforts have started to find suitable Japan-based candidates, with suitable experience. Preference will be given to applicants from:

  • Self Defense Forces;
  • Ministry of Defense (including ATLA);
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • (or suitable Japanese industry association)

Interviews will start in January 2020, with an appointment expected shortly after.

Globally, Japan Defense KK is the only event organiser experienced in organising an international defence conference and trade-show in Japan. Its huge success in attracting top level VIPs/buyers (domestic and international) has created a critical demand for a multifaceted “military precision” interface between Japanese participants, foreign VIPs, and MAST Asia’s sponsors.

The appointed expert will coordinate VIPs from the moment of RSVP and ensure optimised time allocation, not least guaranteeing bilateral talks and private meetings with MAST Asia 2020 sponsors.


Early-bird sponsor/exhibitor deadline approaching

Mon 4 Nov 2019 @ 7:52

Past MAST Asia sponsors/exhibitors are reminded that the offer of a heavily subsidised loyalty discount for their 2020 booking will end soon.

For further information or to confirm intent to sponsor/exhibit, email [email protected] prior to 18th November 2019.


Central Tokyo location key to future success

Tue 10 Sep 2019 @ 8:59

Following the feedback that “Chiba [location of Makuhari Messe] is too far from government and military HQs for an effective defence event”, the announcement that MAST Asia 2020 will be held in metropolitan Tokyo has been welcomed by embassies, exhibitors and local authorities alike – some of whom have already confirmed attendance of their countries’ procurement and military leaders.

The move will facilitate closer integration between VIPs, sponsors, and authors every day of the week, and for the first time will allow middle management job holders – not currently able to travel as far as Chiba during work hours – to join the long-established event.

Additionally, hosted buyers are already confirming that they will join a 15–20 minute private meeting with each of nine (limit) MAST Asia lead sponsors: a fully equipped and catered, private meeting room provided to each by MAST’s organiser.


Protocol officer to manage MAST Asia VIP/exhibitor interface

Tue 10 Sep 2019 @ 8:56

An experienced military/protocol officer will be appointed later this year, to provide MAST Asia’s most effective and personal interface to date.

The Tokyo-based expert will ensure regular G2G and B2G contact between participating parties leading up to, and at the November 2020 event.

“This core addition to the MAST Asia management is one borne out of intimate discussion with the Japanese authorities and our major shareholders,” states MAST CEO, Warren Edge.