Sonardyne make a welcome return to MAST

Sat 15 Feb 2014 @ 11:00


Sonardyne International Ltd have confirmed that this May’s exhibition in Istanbul will be their first MAST in several years.

Visitors (MAST’s unique composition of maritime defence/security operators, technologists, and procurement experts) will be able to research their positioning,inertial navigation,subsea communication,and sonar imaging expertise.

Sonardyne boasts a world-leading team of scientists and engineers, specialising in underwater acoustics, with over 300 man-years of experience in mine warfare, underwater imaging, navigation and underwater communications, and have successfully made the transition of bringing cost effective solutions from the offshore Oil and Gas Industry to Defence. Cost effective, reliable, modular and open architecture, their systems are in-service across the globe providing vital military capability with a COTS price tag.

No doubt their harbour security solutions alone will be of key interest to confirmed MENA/Gulf State delegates (some of whom are currently completing a major maritime defence/security requirements assessment of key ports within one of the region’s major countries).


NATO Armaments Group to co-locate meeting with MAST in Istanbul

Wed 12 Feb 2014 @ 11:00


Following the successful integration of NATO Armaments Group (NNAG)’s annual meeting with MAST last year, MAST EurAsia exhibitors/authors, VIPs/visitors, and delegates will be delighted by news to the repeat experience in Istanbul.

As with last year, some fifty top-level representatives (from national and international military staff in the NNAG representative groups and NATO agencies) are expected, accompanied by their senior-level support staff.

Their participation adds an exciting dynamic to the event’s conference and exhibition profile, broadening information exchange and networking for the event.

NATO Armaments Group (Current Chair: Rear Admiral Belo Garcia, Director of the Requirements, Portuguese Navy) comprises several focused groups (mirrored by MAST’s topic/technology areas) including:

  • MCG/1 on Above Water Engagement;
  • MCG/2 on Under Sea Engagement;
  • MCG/3 on Mines, Mine Countermeasures and Harbour Protection;
  • MCG/4 on Maritime Air Delivered Superiority;
  • MCG/5 on Effective C2;
  • MCG/6 on Ship Design and Maritime Mobility;
  • MCG/7 on Maritime Environmental Protection;
  • MCG/8 on Maritime Electronic Warfare;
  • JCGUAV on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

More details will follow in future eNews.




Saudi Arabia port security experts from Regional Maritime Security Institute (RMSI) confirmed to attend MAST EurAsia

Wed 12 Feb 2014 @ 11:00

MAST EurAsia exhibitors seeking face-to-face opportunities with key decision makers in MENA countries will meet their objectives at MAST.

MAST’s organisers are working closely with Turkey’s Undersecretariat of Defense (and Chair organization STM) to guarantee the most important naval operators and technologists from MENA and Asia support and are available for meetings.

Alongside VIPs from other MENA countries, those invited from Saudi Arabia include the Military Adviser to Defence Minister/Prime Minister and VADM. Dakheel-Allah Bin Ahmad Al-Wakadani, (Chief of Naval Staff).

The confirmed participants from RMSI will recently have completed security assessments and plans for no less than 45 Saudi port facilities.


Evidence-Based Contact Tracking (E-BaCT) to be presented at MAST

Fri 7 Feb 2014 @ 11:00


This May, returning MAST exhibitor and conference presenter, MIKEL will present their revolutionary approach to developing the tactical picture; the key information used for command decision making, post mission reporting, safe maneuvering of the platform and effective employment of weapon payloads.

This evidence-based Target Motion Analysis algorithm which is part of MIKEL’s Advanced Contact Management System (ACMS) will be described at MAST and results will be presented that demonstrate performance using actual sonar detection data recorded from U.S. at sea operations.

E-BaCT eliminates the detection, tracking and man machine interactive localization and TMA processes/system (and resulting subsystems) and replaces it with a much less complex process that develops the tactical picture through the automatic processing of raw sonar beam data, eliminating the need for sonar trackers serving localization and TMA processes. ACMS featuring E-BaCT will be demonstrated at the MIKEL booth allowing for real time user interaction by interested delegates.

As well as exhibiting, Mikel will present in the COMBAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS session on Wednesday 21st May 2014.