BrahMos Aerospace puts missile defence firmly on the MAST Asia agenda

Wed 29 Mar 2017 @ 15:15

BrahMos have confirmed a considerable presence in the upcoming MAST Asia exhibition. It’s no surprise that, with missile defence one of the hot topics in the region, the designer, developer and producer of the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile system joins other missile suppliers on the ever-expanding MAST Asia exhibitor list.

The formidable BRAHMOS with its impeccable land-attack and anti-ship strike capabilities has been inducted into the Indian Armed Forces as an ultimate weapon of choice.

First test-fired in June 2001, the 290km range “fire & forget” missile flying at a top speed of 2.8 Mach and carrying a warhead of 300kg, has undergone over 50 test launches so far and established supremacy as a “force multiplier” capable of fighting modern, complex battles of today and tomorrow.

While the Indian Army has inducted the land-attack variant of the tactical weapon in 2007, Indian Navy’s frontline warships have also installed the missile as “prime strike weapon” from 2005 onwards. The weapon’s deadly air-to-ground configuration is also inching closer for test firing from the Indian Air Force’s long-range strike fighter Sukhoi-30MKI in the near future.

Once inducted successfully, BRAHMOS will become the only tactical weapon in its genre in the world capable of being launched from land, sea/sub-sea and air.

Meet BrahMos at MAST Asia and discuss further developments including BRAHMOS-Next Gen (NG) and the Hypersonic BRAHMOS-II (K).

BrahMos at MAST


MAST Asia official accommodation set to sell out soon

Mon 13 Mar 2017 @ 9:52

If you haven’t booked your room(s) for MAST Asia 2017 yet, you could miss out.

As with the first MAST Asia, the official hotels are fast selling out, and the remaining rooms currently held for booking by MAST delegates need to be released by 1st April.

Most of the official event activities will take place in/around the Hotel New Otani and APA, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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