MAST Northern Coasts 2019


Denmark 4–6 September 2019

Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Wednesday 4 September 2019 to Friday 6 September 2019

MAST Conference Papers

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5” Vehicle for Underwater Applications & Black Arrow, the New Generation Lightweight Torpedo

Mr. Alberto Chiericoni, Head of Underwater System Engineering, Leonardo Electronics, Italy

A Revolutionary HF for High Latitudes

Pierre Krotoff, Marketing and Strategy, Thales, France

Acoustic Signature Management for Maritime Platforms

Christopher Norwood, Counsellor Defence Science London, DST, Australia

AI in Next Generation C4I

Morten Dam Jørgensen, Specialist, Systems Engineering, Terma A/S, Denmark

Arctic Communication for Maritime and Air Traffic

Michael Linden-Vørnle, Astrophysicist and chief adviser, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

ASW Engagement Capability Trades: Surface Ship ASW Weapon Delivery

Mr. Adam Bergeron, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin, United States

Ballistic Missile Defense – a Navy Asset is Not Necessarily on a Ship

Peder R. Pedersen, CEO & President, Weibel Scientific A/S, Denmark

Capability Driven Development of Naval Platforms Using Architectures

Benjamin Gaczkowski, Project Manager, IABG mbH, Germany

Challenge of Offshore Windfarms to Maritime Surveillance

Mrs Anita Hansen, Product Manager, Terma A/S, Denmark

Crisis Management - The Missing Link

Esben Salling Larsen, Military analyst / Major, Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark

Danish MCM – a Modular Approach to Naval Mine Counter Measures

Mr Jan Rasmussen, VP, Marketing & Sales, Denmark, Saab, Denmark

Michael Fabricus, Project Manager, Saab Danmark, Saab, Denmark

Andreas Johansen, Commanding Officer, Danish Navy, Denmark

Detecting Drones with Doppler-Technology – in Port Protection of Vessels / Force Protection

Robert Kleist, Market Manager, Weibel Scientific A/S, Denmark

Digital Radar Design for Multi Mission Operation

Mr. Evert Woudenberg, Product Management, Thales, Netherlands

EW Systems, As a Force Multiplier for Navies; New Features & Its Impact on Submarine Operations

Mr Alaattin Dökmen, Naval Electronic Warfare Program Manager, ASELSAN Inc., Turkey

Formidable Shield: A Dutch Perspective

Mr. Rogier Noorland, Systems Architect IAMD, Thales, Netherlands

Fully-Digital AESA RADAR Solutions for BMD

Mr Roberto Petrucci, Radar Analyst, Leonardo, Italy

HF Networks for Safe Operation in the North Atlantic and Arctic Region

Phillipp Specht, Product Manager, Rohde & Schwarz, Germany

Hybrid Threats to Critical Maritime Infrastructure

Mr Hans Tino Hansen, CEO, Risk Intelligence, Denmark

International AEGIS Fire Control Loop

Mr Frank Mazza, Manager Advanced International Naval Programs, Lockheed Martin, United States

David Crist, Technical Director Aegis BMD, Lockheed Martin MS&T, United States

Katherine Gurgal, Business Development, Lockheed Martin, United States

Mahan is back. Classical naval tasks are back – business policy has become security policy.

Lars Bangert Struwe, Secretary General, Danish Atlantic Council, Denmark

MDA, SA - Best Practice in the Baltic Approaches.

Per Ring Henriksen, Commander, Naval Staff, Denmark

Multistatic and Collaborative Anti-Submarine Warfare

Mr Jean-Philippe Goudeau, Technical Director, Thales, France

NATO Maritime Strategy: Promises and Pitfalls

Sten Rynning, Professor, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

NovaSAR Radar Satellite and Threat Evaluation

Jatin Bains, CEO, Channel Logistics LLC, United States

OCEAN2020 - Enhanced Situational Awareness in a Naval Environment

Claus G. Christensen, Vice President, Mission Solutions, Terma A/S, Denmark

Russia’s naval strategy. What the Russia Baltic Fleet can learn from the Black Sea.

Johannes Riber, Deputy Director, Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark

Russian Sea Denial Capabilities in the Baltic Region

Anders Puck Nielsen, Military analyst, Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark

Satellite Surveillance of Vast Maritime Areas in the Arctic

Michael Linden-Vørnle, Astrophysicist and chief adviser, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Surveillance in the Arctic

Charlotte Havsteen, Head of Department, Danish Defence Logistics and Acquisitions Org, Denmark

System Maturity of Future Autonomous Mine Warfare

Mr Hervé Meslet, Mine Warfare Product Manager, Thales, France

The Baltic Security Scenario – Positioning industry in the nexus between domestic and international politics

Mr Kristoffer GROTH JAKOBSEN, Managing Partner, Thales, Denmark

Rasmus CLAUSEN, Managing Partner, Thales, Denmark

The Challenge of Monitoring and Assessing Trainees in OPS Simulators

Laurent de Jerphanion, Product Line Manager, Thales, France

The Naval Cooperative Surveillance Capability

Mr Antoine BOUQUET, CMS engineer, Naval Group, France

The Operational Implications Caused by a Changing Arctic/High North

Jakob Rousøe, CO HDMS THETIS, Royal Danish Navy, Denmark

The Promises and Perils of Maritime Domain Awareness

Christian Bueger, Professor of International Relations, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Wärtsilä is a world leader in Marine & Naval technology

Leif Abildgaard, General Manager, Wartsila, Denmark

What Will the Future MCM Vessel Look Like?

Thomas Hill, Senior Naval Architect, BMT, United Kingdom


  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Atos IT Solutions and Services
  • BAE Systems Inc
  • Brdr. Jørgensen Instruments
  • Bruhn NewTech
  • Censec
  • Chemring Countermeasures
  • Copenhagen Group A/S
  • Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding
  • Danish Defence & Security Industries Association
  • Danish Maritime
  • Dencrypt A/S
  • DESMI Pumping Technology A/S
  • FAD
  • Naval Team Denmark
  • Pro-Safe A/S
  • Rheinmetall Air Defence and Radar Systems
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • Saab Danmark A/S
  • Systematic A/S
  • Teledyne Marine
  • TenCate Advanced Armour
  • Terma A/S
  • Thales
  • Wärtsilä
  • Weibel Scientific A/S


These are the significant agenda-items for this event:

Wed 4 Sep 2019

9:00–9:45 | Official Opening

CHAIR: Admiral (rtd.) Tim Sloth Jørgensen

Official Opening, Welcome, and Ribbon Cutting

Attendees will include:

  • His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Frederik
  • The Minister of Defence Denmark, Ms. Trine Bramsen
  • General Bjørn Bisserup, Chief of Defence Denmark

10:30–12:15 | P1: Plenary Session

CHAIR: Admiral (ret) Tim Sloth Jørgensen

Strategic and Operational Challenges in Northern Latitudes


Mr Henrik Abildstrøm


Vice Admiral Rainer Brinkmann, Deputy Commander German Fleet

Captain Wayne Andrews, United States Navy

Major General Kim Jørgensen, Chief of Royal Danish Arctic Command

Major General Anders Rex, Chief of Royal Danish Air Force

Major General Peter Boysen, Chief of the Royal Danish Special Operations Command

Rear Admiral Torben Mikkelsen, Chief of the Royal Danish Navy

Rear Admiral Arunas Mockus, Commander Lithuanian Navy

13:00–14:30 | 1A: Undersea (Weapons)

CHAIR: Rear Admiral (ret) Fusahiko Yamasaku

3 papers

13:00–14:30 | 1B: Surface (Human Interface)

CHAIR: Rear Admiral (ret) Radamanthys Fountoulakis

3 papers

15:30–17:00 | 2A: Surface (Technology/Operations)

CHAIR: Mr Charles Giacchi

3 papers

15:30–17:00 | 2B: Surface (Infrastructure)

CHAIR: Commodore (ret) Patrick J Tyrrell

3 papers

Thu 5 Sep 2019

9:00–10:00 | P2: Plenary Session

CHAIR: Rear Admiral (ret) Nils Wang

From Tallinn to Thule – a Baltic/Arctic Security Perspective


Mr Henrik Abildstrøm


Rear Admiral (ret) Nils Wang, Director, Naval Team Denmark

Captain Wayne Andrews, United States Navy

Secretary General Lars Bangert Struwe, Danish Atlantic Treaty Association

Senior Scientist Henrik Breitenbauch, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

11:00–12:30 | 3A: Undersea (Mine Warfare)

CHAIR: Mr Bernard Myers

3 papers

11:00–12:30 | 3B: Surface (Missiles)

CHAIR: Rear Admiral (ret) John B Padgett, III

3 papers

13:30–15:00 | 4A: Surface (Communications)

CHAIR: Captain (ret) Bo Wallander

3 papers

13:30–15:00 | 4B: Surface (Radar I)

CHAIR: Commodore (ret) André van Koningsbrugge

4 papers

15:30–17:00 | 5A: Surface (Geopolitics I)

CHAIR: Dr David Wyllie

3 papers

15:30–17:00 | 5B: Surface (Radar II)

CHAIR: Rear Admiral (ret) Phil (John P.) Davis

3 papers

Fri 6 Sep 2019

9:30–10:30 | P3: Plenary Session

CHAIR: Commodore (ret) Patrick J Tyrrell OBE

Technological Challenges in Northern Latitudes


Mr Henrik Abildstrøm


Senior Scientist Kristian Søby Kristensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Astro Physician Dr Michael Linden-Vørnle, Danish Technical University

Commander Johannes Riber, Royal Danish Defence College

Mrs Charlotte Havsteen, Danish Materiel Acquisition and Logistic Agency, Head of GEO Metic Branch

11:30–13:00 | 6A: Surface (Geopolitics II)

CHAIR: Commander (ret) Benjamin F Strickland II

3 papers

11:30–13:00 | 6B: Air & Space (Arctic Operations)

CHAIR: Rear Admiral (ret) Charles Beers

4 papers

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