Call for Papers

Deadline Monday 30 September 2024

MAST Australia 2024 Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia

“Talent, Technology, Transfer”

Contributions describing new work in MAST’s key domains and topic areas (see chart below) are invited for presentation during the prestigious nineteenth conference in the internationally renowned MAST (Maritime/Air Systems & Technologies) series, to be held in Adelaide, Australia.

Any Operational and technology-based abstract will be considered within MAST’s broad domains and topic areas, particularly those following up on the plenary sessions:

  1. Ensuring Maritime Security – Naval Strategy and Technology Development
  2. Development and Operation for Air Power
  3. Technology Development in the New Domain
  4. Technology Development and Technical Cooperation for Defense Equipment

Paper requirements

Your abstract(s) must:

  1. be in English
  2. be between 150 and 250 words
  3. describe what is new/exclusive/relevant about the final paper e.g. in terms of innovation/strategic relevance/interest to MAST’s senior-level global maritime security and defence audience

Commercial presentations will be given in the trade-show area (request details on Product Briefings from Paul Hunt – [email protected]).

You should define the paper as operational or technical and distinguish between practical, simulated, and theoretical results. You must submit no later than Monday 30 September 2024.

Where appropriate, clearance from your organisation or relevant national authority should be sought, but is not necessary at the time of submission.

Next step: Use the form on this page to submit your abstract

Instructions for submissions

On the Abstract Submission form, you should:

  1. Choose Domain
    Select which maritime security/defence domain your abstract best fits i.e. that which best defines the predominant domain in which your ideal audience is active. Options are: Air & Space; Surface; Undersea; Cyberspace. Example 1: your paper discusses ASW from a frigate perspective – select “Surface”. Example 2: your paper concerns use of satellites for surface ship surveillance – select “Air & Space”.
  2. Select Topic area e.g. Operations & Capabilities
  3. Select Sub-topic category e.g. Missile defence
  4. Cut-and-paste your abstract text into the form.

Repeat these steps for subsequent submissions. You will receive an email confirmation for each submission.

You will be notified of the committee’s decision to accept or reject your paper, by the conference secretariat. Sub-committee Chairmen and Topic Managers make the final decision of where to allocate your paper (if accepted).

For conference admin enquiries, contact Warren Edge, [email protected].

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Please contact us if you have any questions about upcoming events, or need to discuss any papers you have submitted.