Small and perfectly (in)formed

Thu 24 May 2018 @ 11:06

MAST Advanced Workshop – Disruptive Technologies – Portsmouth, UK, 22–23 May 2018, Sponsored by Naval Group

The inaugural MAST Advanced Workshop: “Disruptive Technologies” proved a highly immersive and engaging experience for the international navy, academia, and defence industry participants taking part.

As the working groups entered into the second day of activities, the authoritative discussions have so far already generated plenty of data/information to be distilled into the White Paper of best practices to be circulated post-show to participants and select government/navy authorities.

Participants came from Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

A full review of the event will be circulated soon, but already being discussed is the second iteration, to be organised in 2019 on an invitation-only basis.