Static demonstration area – New for MAST Asia 2019

Tue 29 May 2018 @ 11:23

Arriving at MAST Asia 2019 in Japan, visitors will be greeted by an exciting new feature area, and can expect to see the very latest fixed and rotary wing aircraft being developed and deployed to navies/airforces in the ASEAN region in a new feature zone.

Defence contractors sponsoring MAST Asia 2019 or otherwise having a large exhibition presence (in either maritime or aerospace hall) will be offered space in the static demo area free-of-charge.

MAST’s organisers are also actively seeking support to display both THAAD and AEGIS systems, a variety of fast combat boats, and large scale unmanned systems.

For further details, contact Paul Hunt ([email protected]). Call +33 9 51 73 93 23 (or +44 7411 732978).